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It divided the Nation.

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Q: How did the Vietnam war affect America?
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Did the Vietnam War make America Stronger?

The Vietnam War made America stronger.

Did France loose the Vietnam war?

Yes. Vietnam was a French colony. They lost a Vietnam War and were thrown out of Vietnam before America tried to win a war in Vietnam. America also lost a Vietnam War.

Who was America defending during the Vietnam war?

America was defending Vietnam.

What side were Americans on in the Vietnam war?

?........the Vietnam war was a war between north and south Vietnam and America. America was trying to defend south Vietnam from the north invading and controling their territory. so America was on the side with south Vietnam

Why did America interfere with the Vietnam war?

because America was controlling the south Vietnam

What were the costs on Vietnam war?

The costs for America in the Vietnam war was $140 billion

What was the America public view of the Vietnam war?

The Vietnam War=the military draft!

When did America get in the Vietnam war?

The American got into the Vietnam war in the year 1960.

How did the Vietnam War affect the United States?

Well this is what I'm trying to find out. Well as the Vietnam war was based in Vietnam, there was no destruction on American soil. Also as many Americans were against the Vietnam war, Vietnam veterans of America wre socially excluded for years after the war. After the war there was a mass emigration from Vietnam to mainly the United States hope this helps

Who opposed in the Vietnam war?


What countries where involed at the Vietnam war?

Vietnam , America , and Russia

Was the Vietnam war the longest war in America?


How did North America win the north Vietnam war?

North Vietnam won the war.

Why did America pull troops out of the Vietnam War?

America pulled out of Vietnam because of mounting casualties and public disaproval of the war.

Who did not support the Vietnam?

Most of the hippies and liberals did not support the Vietnam. that's why we pulled out of Vietnam during the war. we did not pull out in world war one and world war 2 because america was geared in for the war, but Vietnam, not all of america was in for it.

How did America lose the Vietnam war?

America didnt really lose the war. It was never America's war to lose.

What were the nations that fought in the Vietnam war?

North and South Vietnam and America

America's involvement in the Vietnam War ended under the administration of President?

Vietnam was not a war it was an action.

Who started the Vietnam war America or Vietnam?

North Vietnam started the war against South Vietnam; the US went to the aid of the South.

When did America get involved in Vietnam war?


Why was america fighting in the vietnam war?


Who side was America on in the Vietnam war?

The souths.

Name the affectations of the Vietnam War on America?

War movies.

How did Vietnam affect johnsons war on poverty?

Vietnam took time and attention away from the war on poverty

How did the Vietnam war affect johnsons war on proverty?

Vietnam cost so much that there was less money for the War on Poverty