How did the attack on Pearl Harbor affect the world?

When japan attcked people in U.S. were stunned they wanted war anginst lapan Most of the free world considered such an attack to be Imperialism at it's worst, and at a time that was calculated to be the most likley to succeed because of our efforts to defend ourselves against the military actions of Germany in the Pacific. Germany wanted to control Europe and the Atlantic, the Emperor of Japan wanted to control the islands of the Pacific. Whether or not they coordinated their efforts is not really significant, the significant point is that they effectively divided the military of the Allied forces into two battle fronts in hopes of weakening us. The American population was stunned, much as happened when the World Trade Center towers were attacked. It was a different time. The citizens of the United States still believed in something and they had the resolve to protect their country and go after the aggressors. Today, we seem to have lost the sense of community and the willingness to fight for what is right. We seem to have become a nation of appeasers who want to be nice to everyone in the hopes that they'll like us. It doesn't work that way. Radical Islam wants to destroy anyone who doesn't believe the way they do. Their lives mean nothing to them if they can only help the cause of Radical Islam to progress. If THEIR lives mean nothing, what do you think yours is worth? Pearl Harbor should have been a lesson for all time. Unfortunately, people have forgotten. Pearl Harbor happened when we still believed that if an enemy attacked us, that we had to go after them until they were no longer capable of attacking us again. It's a lesson that too many have forgotten.