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The Protestant Reformation had little effect on colonization in Latin America. Both Spain and Portugal were Roman Catholic. Protestants were not welcome. The colonies that would include Protestants would be those in North America.

The first successful Protestant colonies were English in Virginia, 1607; Dutch in New York, 1609; and English in Massachusetts, 1619. These were commercial colonies. While the people were religious, the backers were businessmen.

It was not so much the Reformation as the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre, 1572, that had a tremendous effect. The French Protestants or Huguenots still alive fled France with the clothes on their backs. (Some had been pre-warned and had fled in advance. Some Catholics had been accused of Protestantism and had also fled. Some had been skipped over. And some had been lucky.) The Dutch opened their colony to the landless Huguenots. Many came to New York.

The 30 years war ending in 1648 created a new group of landless people, both Protestants and Catholics. Many not made homeless during the war became homeless at the end. All during the war newly landless sailed to America. Many German Protestants came to Pennsylvania. Both Roman Catholics and Protestants went to Rhode Island and Maryland.

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How did the Protestant Reformatino affect the Americas?

How did the Protestant Reformatino affect the americas

How did the Reformation affect the world?

How did the Reformation in Great Britain affect the colonization of the New World? Explain.

How did colonization affect the Americas?

Indians were killed and cultures destroyed.

How did the Protestant Reformation affect the Americas?

There was a lot of fighting over who believed what so when Columbus found the new continent, the Christians moved there to practice their beliefs and escape religious persecution.

How did the Protestant Reformation affect religion?

It decreased the Roman Catholic Church's power and authority.

How did the Protestant Reformation affect English settlements in the new world?

the English were able to settle there knowing about the protestant religion check wikipedia

How did Martin Luther affect the Protestant Reformation in England?

his ideas lead to its creation his ideas lead to its creation

How did religious changes in Europe affect the European colonization of the Americas?

Many of the native American tribes who were already in the Americas were overthrown by the Europeans such as the aztects being overthrown by Spanish conquistadors.

Which two historical events affected the power of the roman catholic church and contributed to its decline in medieval europe?

In medieval Europe the Roman Catholic Church experienced an affect on its power due to two reasons. The first was the discovery and conquest of the Americas. The second was the Protestant Reformation.

How did the protestant religion affect the Renaissance era?

Protestants divided into many different churches, and this began the Reformation, a movement to correct problems in church.

How did religious changes in Europe affect European expansion into the Americans?

The Age of Exploration and European imperialism of the Americas occurred just before the Protestant Reformation. The Americas presented a new start for non-Catholics, which is why many Protestants migrated to these new colonies (particularly in North America in the British colonies). Many Catholics also migrated to the Americas and they were more successful in spreading Catholicism than the Protestants were in Protestantism.

How might colonization affect a region?

Settlers could affect a region by way of colonization.

How did European exploration and colonization of the Americas affect Europe?

It brought more power and wealth to European countries. It also opened European immigration to the Americas, which is the reason why most Americans (being people of the Americas) are of European descent and live in Europeanized cultures.

In what way did the Protestant Reformation affect relationships among europeans?

Effects in religious, social, and political aspects of life occurred, as well as an impact on education and language development.

How did Counter-Reformation affect the Americas?

The North American continent was discovered in 1492. Martin Luther with his 95 Theses occurred in 1517 in Germany. The beginning of the settlement of the Americas didn't occur for another 100 years, about 1620. The Counter-Reformation was the Roman Catholic Church's response to the changes brought about by the Reformation. So any effect on people occurred long before settlers came to America.

How did martin luther affect the protestant reformation?

Martin Luther raised questions on righteousness, penance and salvation which resulted in his doctrine of justification. It lead to the division of Roman Catholics and Protestants.

How did the Reformation affect art of the Italian Renaissance?

It did not, since the Reformation came after the Renaissance.

How does colonization affect the native culture?

how did english affect indian literature

How did geography affect the Reformation?

europe was very large and so it was difficult to spread the reformation

How did the Reformation affect Renaissance art?

The reformation saw the decline of renaissance art and the emergence of the baroque.

Why did the protestant reformation come to England?

Henry VIII did a great job of preventing the Protestant Reformation from having any great affect on England - until he needed a divorce. When the Catholic Church refused to grant Henry VIII a divorce, he decided to make his own version of Christianity, where he made the rules. Henry VIII started the Anglican / Church of England, where Henry VIII was the head of the church (much like the Pope). Henry VIII gave himself permission to divorce and ordered all his subjects to become Protestant.

How did the Reformation affect the authority of the Catholic Church and the monarchs?

The protestant revolt did not affect the authority of the Catholic Church. It has the same authority that it has always had since it was founded by Jesus Christ in 33 AD. The Catholic Church's authority is from God alone so the actions of individual heretics cannot affect it except in a superficial manner.

How did the Reformation in Europe affect European settlement of the Americas?

In general terms, the European Reformation affected European settlement of the Americas in a positively reinforcing way. Indirectly, unrest and instability within European nations generated additional explorations and then settlement-attempts. Directly, restive or outrightly disillusioned religious groups in European nations sought actively to relocate to New World regions for the sake of opportunities to live and believe as they saw fit.

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