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How do you change a knock sensor on a 1999 Subaru Legacy Outback?


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ALL Subaru knock sensors are: 1) in the same place 2) look the same The knock sensor is always found mounted to the engine block (12mm head on bolt) under the intake manifold in about the middle of the engine. Either being a Bosch unit, or a copy made under licence, they all appear to be the same: Being the one with the moulded-in leads. Locate the wiring in the vacinity of the throttle body and follow it down to the knock sensor. Changing one needs about $100 worth of tools, small hands, and LOTS of patience. They are expensive, be warned, before you buy check the thing with a volt-ohm meter, typical resistence is 300-500 ohms.


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Directly below the alternator on the block.

It is located on the engine block drivers side.

I just purchased new catalytic converters for my 1999 Subaru Legacy Outback. There are three ports for oxygen sensors. They appear to be on the top of the converters. I just purchased new catalytic converters for my 1999 Subaru Legacy Outback. There are three ports for oxygen sensors. They appear to be on the top of the converters.

Where is the bank2 sensor 1 located on a 2001 subaru outback 3.0

Its on top of the engine by the fuel injection (remove the air intake first). Need a 10mm socket with a long extention. a 1995 but same thing

That depends entirely on what happened to it to make it need repairing.

There are many temperature sensors on your Subaru. You will also need to be specific as to the equipment your car has. If you are planning on doing any work on your Outback I highly recommend purchasing the service manuals. eBay sellers have them in electronic format for not a lot of money.

Looking at the top of the motor remove the air intake and it is below the butterfly on the drivers side top end of the motor.

See the Haynes Repair manual for Legacy & Forester 2000 thru 2006 on page 6-20 section 19.

P1137: Front O2(oxygen) aka A/F(air/fuel) Sensor Circuit Range/Performance Problem.

i found mine it is on the left side in the back of the engine on top of the trans

In a 1991 Subaru Legacy, the speed sensors can be found on the driver's side of the transmission. They are located towards the rear, and there are three of them.

In a 1998 Subaru Legacy, the knock sensor is located on the top of the engine block and to the left of the engine. More specifically, it is under the left rear intake manifold runner.

It's underneath your car. Off the exhaust pipe.

top of front of engine, under alternator

the knock sensor in on the drivers side of the block toward the rear, and it's under the intake manifold.

It only involves one bolt and one wire, but its pretty difficult to access as it lives under the throttlebody.

No. do you mean the front or rear o2? The front might be an A/F sensor. Big difference. But no, there isn't.

Oxygen sensor on 1990 Subaru Legacy is under car, just behind engine where exhaust manifolds join but before catalytic converter. Wires run up right side of bellhousing and connect into wiring harness.

It is threaded into the block, under the intake manifold.

just after the snorkel under the bottom left of the piping

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