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How do you change oil for 1996 Intrepid?


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There are two ways...the correct legal way and an easy way. For the easy way, Pull up to a ditch, straddle it, craw under, unscrew the oil pan bolt, dump oil on the ground, replace the bolt, tighten securely. Dump in fresh oil, drive away QUICKLY before you get caught. (just kidding...NEVER do that!!!) Correct way: Take vehicle in for proper professional service at a trusted shop or, carefully jack up front end on a hard level surface, insert 2 jack stands under solid frame or suspension arms. Lower jack until weight of vehicle is supported by stands, take 2 pumps on jack to take up slack. Carefully crawl under, locate oil pan bolt, unbolt same and drain oil into specially designed oil catching pan (less than $12 at Walmart). Wait until oil drips are all but stopped, wipe exces oil from pan hole, insert bolt, tighten securely, remove oil pan and yourself from under car. Raise jack until stands are free from car, remove stands, carefully lower car. Start car, check for leaks...don't race engine when starting...repeat procedure in 3000 miles, but you should also change the filter each time! Garageman Rick


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