How do you change the bulb in the overhead console on a Chrysler 2003 Town and County van?

I have just replaced the bulb in the reading lights of our 2002 Town and Country van. There are clear plastic covers on the reading lights that you press in to turn on and press again to turn off. The shape of the plastic cover is straight edge toward the insides and rounded to the exterior. If this description fits the 2003 model here is the proceedure. The covers are held on by a plastic tab on the seat side of the covers so don't force down on this side or you will break the tabs. The Windshield side of the covers have 2 "U" shaped tabs that snap onto a corresponding posts (one on each side toward the end- windshield side). Insert a thin flat head screwdriver carefully toward the windshield and pull straight down gently to snap the "U" shaped snaps off of the post. Then pull the cover toward the windshield to get the rear tab out of it's slot. Use care and not too much force in case this does not apply to your model.