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How do you change the coolant temp sensor in a 1998 ford explorer?



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I shall not go into to much detail as you should not be undertaking tasks if you dont know the basics, CARS KILL WHEN FOOLS FIDDLE. Long and short of it is NOT QUICKLY. you need to remove the Air intake then locate the the sensor, it is one of two identical side by side at the front of your motor just behind the thermostat housing where the top rad hose mounts. Screw out the old one and pop in the new (dont over tighten it just a good nip) fit new gasket to intake and refit in reverse of dismantle. you will loose coolant doing this task so dont forget to top that back up after your done, Now looking from the front to the back of the truck the sensors are as follows- Left side is for your dash gauge usually has a red cap on the conecting wires, and right side is for controlling your cold start this usually has a grey cap on the connecting wire but that colour code may vary so dont take that as gospel. Hope this helps Rob.