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Simply turn each lug nut counter-clockwise with a standard lug wrench until it comes off the threaded stem. My 1991 truck has a plastic axle cover that must first be removed before you begin loosening the lugs.

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Q: How do you change the lugs on a 1991 Toyota pickup?
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Where is the screw holding on the rear brake drum of a 1991 Isuzu pickup?

on the outboard side near the lugs.

How do you change the lugs on a 1999 Toyota Avalon?

go to discount tire

How many lugs does a Toyota Camry have?


How do you change 5 lugs to 6 lugs on Chevy trucks?

You have to change axle and hubs

Are there 6 lugs on one wheel 1996 Nissan pickup truck?


Are there 6 lugs bolts per tire 1996 Nissan pickup truck?


How many wheel bolts are on a 2000 Toyota corolla?

4 lugs

How do you change a tire on a 2002 Kia Spectra?

Take out the jack, loosen the lugs, lift the jack under the frame of the car, change tire, hand tighten lugs, lower jack and finished tightening the lugs with socket wrench. Do not over tighten.

What are 1991 Oldsmobile Cutlass Cierra Wheel Lugs Torque specs?

100 foot pounds

What is lugs earthing?

it is also same as earthing lugs,there is no differenence earthing lugs ang lugs earthings.

How do you change a tire on a dodge ram 1500?

This is a joke right? Same as any vehicle. You loosen the lugs, place your jack under the frame and jack it up, then take the lugs off and pull the tire and rim off and put the new ones on, and hand tighten the lugs and lower the jack so you can tighten the lugs the rest of the way.

How do you change a tire on a 2009 Toyota Sienna?

Break lugs loose with lug wrench, jack up car by frame or a arm, remove lugs& put new tire on. Spin on lugs hand tight. Lower wheel just enough to keep from spinning, but not all the way. This will allow slight wheel movement inwards to fully seat. Torque lugs to spec. with torque wrench. You may be able to find your specs online or search similar car. If 7/16 studs, go to 80#. Drop car & double check pressure new tire.

How do you change wheel stud rear Toyota Previa 1994?

remove tire. remove brake by loosening two 17 mm nuts. punch in studs withhammer and drift. pull off rotor. anti-sieze helps aids future removal. weasel in studs and tighten with lugs. replace brake. remove lugs. budda bing budda boom done

How many lugs are on 2001 Lincoln LS?

there is 5 lugs on each wheel/rim there is 20 lugs total!

How many lugs does the Chevy 1500 4x4 have?

The 1500 has 6 lugs as where the 2500 has 8 lugs per wheel>

Do you need to change the lugs to fit 22 inch rims on a 1995 Buick Riviera?


How do you change a hubcap on a Honda Accord?

Very Simple. # First off Take off Two Lugs. # Then Remove the Black Plastic retention clips on lugs. # Reinstall the two lugs. # Now remove the opposite two lugs and remove wheel cover. # Reinstall Wheel Covers and do everything in reverse. ALL DONE> Brought to you by Hubcaps Unlimited www.hubcapnation

What could be the causes of 2004 Toyota wheel shaking at all speedsr?

bent wheel or loose lugs, or you need them ballanced, the tire has bubbled, etc

How do you take out alternator in 2005 Chevy 2500 silverado pickup truck?

the only thing i know is that you have to take the passenger rear tire off and loosen the lugs on the the front driver.

How many lugs does a 2002 Cadillac Seville?

5 lugs

What is the bolt pattern on a 2009 Toyota Camry?

Description: Toyota Camry 2007-2009Bolt Pattern: 5 x 4.50/114.3 Thread Size: 12 x 1.5"Lugs Per Wheel: 5

Will rims from a 93 Toyota Camry fit on a 94 s10 truck?

No. Camry wheels are 5 lugs on 4.5" span and S10 wheels are 5 lugs on 4.75" span. Also the Camry wheels are offset for a front wheel drive vehicle. 5x4.5" is common on 2WD Toyota trucks, some Toyota cars and a lot of Ford applications. 5x4.75" is a common small General Motors lug pattern. Common on S10 and kin and some minivans.

How many lugs are on a 1998 accord?

How many lugs are on a 1998 accord?

Can 8 lug rim fit 6 lug?

is this a real question? Of corse not, one has 8 lugs and the other has 6 lugs. some 8 lugs dont fit other 8 lugs.

What is the bolt pattern for a 1953 dodge pickup?

The bolt pattern on a 1953 Dodge pick up is 5 lugs with 5 inch bolt circle.The same as a late model 5 lug Chevy truck.Bolt pattern on a 1950 is 5 lugs 4.75 inch circle.The same as a 1993 Dodge truck.