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How do you disable the seatbelt warning beepers on a 2005 Subaru Legacy GT Limited?


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2015-07-15 20:42:27
2015-07-15 20:42:27

There are two ways. The quickest is pull the fuse out. But only if the fuse is for the seat belt warning. I will tell you on the fuse box cover. The second: there are 6 screws from the radio to the driver door. They hold the face plate on the dash. Remove them then the face plate slowly there are connection clipped on the other side. Then you will see 4 screws holding the speedometer and odometer. Remove slowly there are connection clipped on the other side. Once you get that off. On the other side of speedometer/odometer find the seat belt fuselight its both a light and a fuse. If you remove it the warning will stop. Put it back the way it was and you are done.

You don't, unless you're so used to buckling up that you don't need it. And if you're not buckling up, shame on you

to response above, you obviously don't own a new Subaru. The seatbelt warning chime is beyond irritating. Why do I need to be warned when the vehicle is in park? Yesterday, my passenger warning chimed with nothing in the seat but a couple CD cases.

The easliest way to do it is to go to the junk yard. ( make sure to measure the length/width/ and area around the center hole before walking all the way out there !! And don't forget a sharp knife.) I found mine on a Mazda 626. i got all 4 of them for $4.00. Didnt have to take apart dash... Didnt have to disconect any electrics... didnt have to pull any fuses... took me a total of 1 hour including the 30 mins. of driving there and back.


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plug the seatbelt in.. the warning stops then ;-)

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You can turn off the 2009 Toyota Camry seatbelt warning light by engaging the seatbelt. You can also remove the seatbelt warning light fuse. Removing the seatbelt warning light fuse is not recommended.

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== == There is a website where you can purchase a seatbelt alarm silencer for only $20, and it's completely legal!! On my MKIV Jetta, the seatbelt alarm quits sounding after about 3 minutes. The warning light also goes out at that time, too.

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