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You can start by starting a dialogue with the gentleman at He has a good help section, has links to companies that sell literature on the subject, white papers on the Pontiac 400, and is open to direct questions.

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Q: How do you find info on 1978 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am and short block 400 engine specs?
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Where is the Pontiac trans am 1995 oil pan?

Mounted on the bottom of the engine block under the car.

Can you put a third generation firebird transmission into a second generation firebird?

Anything can be done with enough work. However after 1981, f bodies had chevy engines rather than the Pontiac. The Chevy trans will not bolt to the Pontiac block willingly.

Is a 400 engine in a 68 firebird a big block or small block?

Pontiac uses same block no small or big, Chevy describes their engines small or big

Did Pontiac firebird have a big block 400 in 67?

There is no Big block or small block in Pontiacs. They were the same size. "67 did have the 400 and 400 HO available for the Firebird.

Is it common for a 1983 Pontiac Firebird to have a Chevy small block in it?

yes. the last year of any Pontiac v8 was the 301 in 81. the standard engine in the 82 and up firebirds was the corporate engine-the Chevy 305

400 firebird big block or small?

There is no "small block" , "big block" with Pontiac engines. The physical size is the same from 326ci to the 455.

What is the firing order for Pontiac 400 engine both small block and big block?

The firing order for the Pontiac 400 engine is that the small block powers the big block.

Does the 1995 Pontiac Firebird have a crank sensor?

There is a crankshaft position sensor. It is located Under the hood, center, lower engine area, front side of engine, passenger side of crankshaft pulley, mounted in engine block

Will a 5.8l engine fit in a 1988 firebird?

Yes, as any small block engine will fit.

Can a turbo 350 Transmission be bolted on an Oldsmobile 350 Rocket engine?

only if the trans is from an olds, Buick or Pontiac engine. The bell housing bolt pattern from these engines is different from a chev block

Where is the oil pan locted on a 2005 Pontiac sunfire?

Bottom of the engine block.Bottom of the engine block.

Where were Pontiac engines built in 1971?

Yes. '71 was still a Pontiac block. I think '77 trans am's were the last to receive Pontiac blocks.

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