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It will depend on what kind of Chevy. You will have to replace the oil lines if they are leaking. you can either straight up replace, or take the lines to a place that works with hydraulics and get them to crimp on new hoses your lines.

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Q: How do you fix an oil leak on the oil lines right by the oil filter on a Chevrolet?
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Why would the fuel leak out of a 1995 neon when it is parked the tank does not leak.?

AnswerCheck fuel filter and fuel lines and fittingssome of the neons were recalled for bad fuel and brake lines

Can damaged oil filter cause oil leak?

If the casing is spilt a filter will leak an incorrectly installed filter will also leak.

How do you replace the fuel filter located on a 1986 Buick LeSabre?

Just squeez the white colored plastic pieces and pull the lines away from the filter. Warning Fuell will leak or spray from lines but, will stop shortly. than just sanp the lines onto the new filter

Do you need to depressurize the fuel system before changing the fuel filter on a 1996 Chevrolet tohoe?

No you do not , just loosen the lines slowly and the pressure will leak off Don't smoke are have a drop light close, cause fuel will run out, but then stop.

Oil leak atop oil filter housing in 1989 Chevrolet C1500 it has an oil cooler hoses appears ok?

This leak can be the block, mount or as simple as the filter assembly seal itself. An easy way to isolate the condition would be changing the oil filter, starting the engine and checking for new leaks.

How do you fix the headlight doors on a 1983 Lincoln mark VI?

Check the vaccuum lines for a leak. or the headlite switch itself may have a leak in the air lines. If they won't close...that's where I started on mine and found the leak, sealed it and it fixed it right up

What is in front of the gas tank on a 93 dodge shadow that would leak gas?

The fuel filter and lines are in front of the tank on a Dodge Shadow.

Could rusty rear heater lines lead to a leak?

Yes the lines can leak when they rust through.

1996 7.4 liter chev sub has oil leak near oil filter it looks like 2 hoses between oil fiter and crankcase what are they?

They are called OIL COOLER LINES and they hook to the radiator. Those lines have an O-ring on them and sometimes they will leak. It could be the oil filter adapter gasket and O-ring leaking too.

Why do I smell gas from engine?

Click on the link to your right for the answer. Because of a gas leak?????? Leaking fuel filter or fuel filter connections; Plugged, dirty or poorly connected fuel injector(s); Leaking or faulty fuel pump; Leaking fuel lines; Punctured or damaged fuel tank.

Will the fuel line leak a large amount of fuel when replacing the fuel filter?

There is a fair amount of fuel that will leak when changing the filter.

Picture of 1986 ford f-150 fuel filter?

I just need to see a picture of the lines going to the filter. I have a leak and I am trying to locate it. I am having a hard time just getting a picture! Angelrosevig

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