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Do you have tail lights? If so, did you or somebody else install an aftermarket radio? On a lot of Japanese cars, the dimmer is wired backwards to what would be referred to as normal American design, and the aftermarket radio will burn out the dash light dimmer controller. So, not only will you need to buy a new controller, you will have to find the right wire, and eliminate it from the radio's adapter harness. Yeah it gets pretty messy, alright.

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Q: How do you fix the dashboard lights of a 1984 Mazda 323?
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What is the stud pattern on a 1984 Mazda 323 fwd hatchback?

114x4 thats what i was told on my mazda 323 '84

Where can you find a new dashboard top for a 1989 Mazda 323?

The wreckers perhaps.

Where is the speedometer cable located on a 1987 Mazda 323?

The speedometer cable on a 1987 Mazda 323 is located on top of the transmission and travels up to the dashboard. It helps the vehicle's computer monitor speeds constantly.

How do you access the dashboard lights on a 1999 Mazda 323?

undo the dash surround( two screws into the top, then pull out. undo all the screws mounting the dash panel, pul out flip over and the lights are right there, replace, then put back in..

What is the wheel offset for a 1984 Mazda 323?

High Positive Offset +35 to +45

How much fuel should a 1984 Mazda 323 take when completely empty?

About 14 gallons

What are the meaning of warning lights on the dashboard of 1997 323 Mazda familia?

Usually means when starting car, diagnoses all systems go. Any light that stays on or comes on when running car, means there is a fault. Refer to handbook.

Why do your lights on a Mazda 323 94 keep fading and then going bright again?

bad alternater??short somewhere??when do they fade in and out?

Will the back suspension from a BG Mazda 323 fit in a BF Mazda 323?

No sorry they are completely different.

How do you remove brake drum on 1991 Mazda 323?

how do remove the brake drum on a 1991 mazda 323

What is the timing setting's for a Mazda 323 E5?

Mazda 323 familia valve timing set up

Your clock dash lights and the brake light is stuck on on myb 1987 Mazda 323 how can i fix this?

The lights mentioned are wired into the same fuse on a 1987 Mazda 323. First thing to check is the fuse. Using a spark tester poke the fuse and see if there is current flowing. If there isn't a current replace the fuse.

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