How do you fix your seat belt on a 1991 Honda accord the passenger automatic seat belt doesn't work and its making a beeping noise from under the seat?

The automatic belt control is under the passenger seat. It also has the warning beeper. If the belt is not all the way retracted to the driving position, you can put it there. There is a wrench (mine is in the compartment with the spare tire). It has a knobby handle and a small hex shaped bit that fits into it. In the doorpost behind the passenger seat and at the bottom of the post is a small button. Snap this button out and insert the wrench into the key inside the doorpost. You can crank the belt into the driving position. When the belt buckle is there and the belt is fastened to it the buzzer should silence. That is as far as I am with my own 90 Accord, but I am going to get much deeper into this problem soon. Steve Something you may want to try if your belt is not retracting when the door is opened or closed is on the door itself, there is the part like a clasp that locks around the post on the door jamb, Well above that clasp is the switch that operates the belts when the door is open and closed. Well it builds up alot of soot and the door clasp doesnt go all the way up to activte the switch to operate the seat belt. What I did was spray alot of WD-40 to clean up all the gunk on the switch and the door clasp and mine works fine. If this doesnt solve your problem, It may be the seatbelt computer located under the passenger side seat. I also heard from someone that when it comes to seatbelts not working properly, Honda dealers will fix the problem for free being it falls under liabillity. Im not sure if that is true, But Its something I heard. Hope this helps! ------ The seat belt assembly is supposed to be under lifetime warranty from Honda. American Honda is trying to save money by making a distinction between the seat belt assembly's mechanical components (covered by warranty) and electrical components (not covered by warranty), even though the actual warranty (which I still have) doesn't make that distinction. In other words, all seat belt assembly components should be covered for repair/replacement. I filed a complaint with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or call 1-888-327-4236, The NHTSA representative told me that if enough people file a complaint about the seat belt warning sensor, the NHTSA will make American Honda recall the part(s) as defective. Even if you've already repaired the seat belt assembly, you should still file a complaint, because you can get a reimbursement for the repair if there's a recall. The NHTSA rep also told me that I should file a complaint against American Honda with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for Honda's failure to uphold their lifetime warranty on the seat belt assembly. I did that at: To make your warranty complaint filing easier, here's American Honda's corporate info: American Honda Motor Company 1919 Torrance Blvd, Torrance, CA 90501 phone: 800-999-1009