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How do you flush the radiator in a 1993 Pontiac Grand Prix 3.1L V6 Fwd?


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2015-07-15 19:16:42
2015-07-15 19:16:42

First drain the cooling system by opening the drain in the lower part of the radiator and dispose of the used coolant properly. Then follow the uppper rad hose from the rad to the engine. At the engine there is a housing that houses the thermostat. Take it out and stick it back together temporarily. Take the upper rad hose loose at the radiator and stick the garden hose in the radiator. Start the engine and let it run until the water runs clear. Reinstall the thermostat making sure the spring goes toward the engine. Drain all of the water out of the radiator and fill the radiator up with coolant and you should end up with a 50/50 mix in the radiator.


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You can take it to a shop. they will charge you maybe 20 or $30 but it flushes and refills your radiator. Get a flush kit from a part store and follow the simple directions.

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The cooling system on this vehicle does not use a radiator cap on the radiator but on a remote tank. It may have a different (larger) cap on it than what you are used to seeing on the radiator.

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how do i replace a water hose in 1993 pontiac grand am

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A 1993 Pontiac Grand Am weighs approximately 2,828 lbs. The Pontiac Grand Am stopped production in the year 2005. The car was replaced with the Pontiac G6.

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I would flush the cooling system with the heater on, thermistat removed, then rinse and put regular green coolant in it.

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