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Shaft removalremove front tire. remove axle nut. remove nut and bolt holding strut and lower control arm together. remove pinchbolt to the balljoint and separate lower control arm from hub. push axle through hub. using apry bar, pry axle out of transmission housing and remove axle. reinstall axle. recommend using a brass hammer to tap axle back into transmission. a brass hammer will not damage axle threads. make sure new axle goes all the way in transmission. reverse order to reinstall.
    • To successfully remove the axle nut (aka "spindle nut"), use a 1 7/16" socket with a long, metal bar over the ratchet handle to break it. The force needed to break the nut is very high, and therefore you need to have the car on both wheels and on the ground. Trying to loosen the nut while its on the jack will result in the opposite tire turning and the car lifting off the jacks/jack stands and possibly causing it to fall. If the bolts haven't been touched in some time, try using Liquid Wrench on them. It can help loosen seized nuts and bolts.
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Q: How do you get the shaft out of the outer CV joint of a 1990 Honda Accord?
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A crank shaft position sensor on a 1998 Honda Accord reads whether or not a the engine is spinning correctly. If there is a discrepancy on how the crankshaft is spinning the sensor will relay it to the ECU.

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You have to replace the whole drive shaft.

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The distributor assembly on a Honda Accord sends a spark to each engine cylinder at precise moments throughout the combustion cycle. It is controlled by the rotation of the cam shaft.

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Listen to your father: go to the nearest public library and get a Honda manual--it will describe everything in detail!

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