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Hey Mike== You have to remove the light assy and take them out from the rear. GoodluckJoe

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Q: How do you get to the tail light bulbs to replace them on a 2001 Ford Expedition?
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How do you replace brake lights on a 2001 ford expedition?

Remove the tail light housing and replace the bulbs.

How do you replace bulbs on high mount stop light on 2001 buick?

There are no bulbs, it is a panel of mini-lights. You access this from the trunk area.

How do you replace light bulbs on a 2001 Toyota Sequia?

check your owners manual the procedure is there as diy

Ford Expedition 2001 head light replacement?

My headlights are not working after going thru a car wash. Bulbs and fuses fine.

Infiniti qx4 2001 replace tail light?

Well If you unscrew the taillight from the car take it off you can change you tail light bulbs

Why does my 2001 ford expedition blinker work sometimes and not others?

change out the bulbs......

How do you replace tail light bulbs on 2001 BMW 330Ci?

Open the trunk and pop/pull the clip near the center of the housing.Removethe housing. To remove the bulbs just push in and turn

How do you replace the taillights in a 2001 Nissan Frontier?

To replace the taillights on a 2001 Nissan front first prop the hatch open. Locate the rear lights plastic housing and remove them to find the bulbs. Replace the bulbs.

How do you replace a broken tail light cover on a 2001 Ford Taurus?

pull back carpet around the taillight. It should be three plastic caps that unscrew and pull the light out, disconnect the bulbs. Replace with a new tail light.

What is the price of coils for 2000 expedition?

I paid 200 for a mechanic to replace it. I had to replace 3 coils in the last 3 years. I have a 2001 expedition

How do I replace the light bulbs behind the temp control section of the dashboard on a 2001 Passat?

Remove the cover around the controls and you will see the bulbs inside the climate control unit. It just pulls off.

How do you replace break bulbs in 2001 beetle?

go in your trunk and there are covers where the brake lights are...remove covers, unscrew plastic nut, and remove light...

How do you change the headlight bulbs on a 2001 Malibu?

You have to take out the light. Each light has these two plastic releases on them that will disconnect them from the lighting header panel. After that you can twist and release the bulb you wish to replace.

What causes the abs dashboard light to appear in a 2001 expedition?

light sensor

How to replace passenger side view mirror on 2001 ford expedition SUV?

Check out the guide to replace the side mirror on a 2001 Ford Expedition

How do you change the 3Rd brake light in a 2001 intrepid?

You must first remove the Trunk liner back far enough to get to the light cavity. There are two bulbs that make up the center third brake light. Just twist the light out of the lock position and replace the bulbs with appropiate replacements and then screw back in.

How do you replace sway bar link of a 2001 expedition?

Do you mean Stabilizer Bar?

How do you replace marker light bulb 2001 Mercedes Benz C320?

How do you replace 2001 Mercedes c320 front marker light

How do you change the license plate bulb on a 2001 Geo Prizm?

The light is held by clips. You can remove the housing by using your fingers or a small screw driver. Once you have the housing out, you should be able to easily replace the light bulbs. The bulbs come in pairs and cost about 5 bucks.

2001 Chevy silverado tag bulbs are new but they do not light up what seems to be the problem?

These kind of bulbs only light up around Christmas time.

How do you change the brake light on a 2001 Nissan Quest?

The light assy has to be removed and the bulbs removed from the back.

How do you change fog light bulbs 2001 Chevy Tahoe?

twist and pull out

How do you replace the light in the gear shift position indicator in 2001 buick century custom?

You don't need to replace any bulbs or fuses. The problem lies within the circuitboard, which I am able to refurbish. Contact me a ANCTechnologies at hotmail

How do you remove the tail light to replace bulbs in 2001 Chevy S 10?

Drop the tail gate down. And look at the side of the bed where the cables go and you will see 2 screews up by the light ,take them out, and remove tail light.

What causes the brake lights to stop working on a 2001 ford expedition?

Check bulbs - they are double filamented with the smaller being for stop lights Check for a blown fuse Check the operation of the stop light switch