Chevy Caprice Classic

How do you install a radio into a 1992 Chevy Caprice?

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August 24, 2008 4:48AM

First Your Gonna Remove The Dash Trim Molding, Than Remove I Belive Its 3 Screws (One Is Hidden Under The Stereo Itself) From The Stereo Bracket, Pull Out The Stereo, Unclip The Power Dissconnect, And Unplug The Antenna. If You Wanna Reuse The Bracket There Are A Few Screws Holding The Bracket To The Stereo. If You Are Gonna Install An Aftermarket Stereo, Youll Need To Go Buy A Stereo Mounting Kit At Where You Buy The Unit. You'll Also Need To Buy An Antenna Extension. If You Dont Want To Spend The Extra Cash To Get The Adapter For The Power/Speaker Wiring, You Can Go To And You Can Find A Wiring Diagram For The Speakers, And The Power Wires. Pretty Much Install Is The Same As Reverse. If Ya Need Any More Help, Email Me At