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Take it to the dealer or garage as it is hard to get the air out of the line.

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Q: How do you install a slave cylinder in a 1998 Kia Sephia?
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How much does it cost for labor to install a clutch slave cylinder on a 1998 s10?

How much labor will cost a person in order to install a clutch slave cylinder on a 1998 S10 will depend upon how much labor charges are. It should take a mechanic no longer than 30 minutes in order to install the clutch slave cylinder.

How do you replace the clutch slave cylinder on a 1998 subaru legacy?

remove the old one and install a new one.

What type of fluid does the clutch slave cylinder use in a 1998 Mitsubishi mirage?

The clutch slave cylinder in your 1998 Mitsubishi does not use fluid. The clutch slave cylinder is sealed with grease inside of it.

Where is the slave cylinder on 1998 gmc sonoma?

Inside the transmission

Why won't my 1998 Kia Sephia will not crank over?

my 1998 kia sephia will not crank over

How do you remove back seat from a 1998 Kia Sephia?

removal 1998 kia sephia back seat

Where is the slave cylinder on a 1997 S-10 with standard transmission?

On my 1998, the slave cylinder is located inside the bell housing - a very stupid place for it IMO. If you are replacing the slave cylinder, it might be a good time to replace the clutch too.

How do you fix a broke shift cable on a 1998 Kia Sephia?

purchase a replacement cable and install it. its not reccomended to repair a broken cable

Where is the slave cylinder located on a 1998 Chevy K1500 6 cylinder?

Under passenger side of truck right below the starter. The slave cylinder for the clutch is in the Transmission Bell housing. You have to remove Transmission to repair it.

Where is the slave cylinder located on a 1998 Kia Sportage?

It is located on the side of the transmission that is toward the rear of the car. You can follow the brake fluid line that leaves from the lower part of the master cylinder and it will lead directly to the slave cylinder.

What kind of brake fluid to use in a 1998 Kia Sephia?

More than likely DOT3. The correct fluid is listed in your owner's manual and on the top of the master cylinder cap.

Where do you find the clutch slave cylinder on a 1998 Chevrolet Cavalier?

the clutch slave cylinder on this car is located inside the transmission itself. The part has a rubber bushing that separates the the hydraulic lines and bleeder, from the section that is located in the transmission housing itself.

Where can you find a diagram showing how to set the timing belt on a 1998 Kia Sephia?

how to set your gears for timing belt on 1999 kia sephia

How do you adjust the clutch 1998 dodge 3500 diesel 5 speed?

The clutch is not adjustable. The hydraulic master/slave cylinder assembly self compensates for wear. You have a problem with the clutch of master/slave.

Do you have to flush anything when installing a new radiator on a 1998 kia sephia?


Where is the slave cylinder located on a 1998 Pontiac Grand Am?

The slave cylinder is inside of the bell housing, I'm presently working on mine now, my lines are loose, this is aparrent from outside of the bell housing, I'm going to see if there is a way to fix this without pulling the transaxle at this point... Bill.

Where is Kia Sephia oil plug?

If you look under the car, passenger's side, it should be right there up under the engine, or at least that is where it is on a 1998 KIA sephia.

How do you install a wheel cylinder on a 1998 dodge grand caravan?

Rear wheel? Remove wheel Remove brake drum Loosen and remove brake line to wheel cylinder Remove mounting bolts at rear of wheel cylinder Pry brake shoes back from wheel cylinder Pull wheel cylinder off backing plate Install in reverse procedure Bleed affected brake line

What is causing my brake light to come on in my 1998 Toyota Tacoma Non-prerunner I checked the brake fluid and its full What else could it be?

The break light coming on in your 1998 Toyota Tacoma Non-Prerunner might be due to a faulty braking sensor. It could also be the brake cylinder or slave cylinder causing the light to come on. The break fluid being full is a great place to start; check the brake slave cylinder next.

1998 Kia Sephia stereo wiring diagram?

if you will repair, better bring to dealer

How do you install a radiator in a 1998 Ford Contour?

How do you install a radiator in a 1998 ford contour?"

How do you replace a ignition key cylinder on a 1998 Toyota Camry?

You need to disconnect the battery, after that remove plastic and metal cover underneath the steering wheel. After that you get access to the key cylinder, disconnect the harness, remove nuts. Install a new key cylinder, tighten the nuts, connect the harness to. Install the plastic and metal cover. Connect the battery. You might want to try the cylinder before installing plastic cover.

Where can you get a diagram of how the spark plug wires are hooked up on a 1998 Kia Sephia DOHC?

were are the sprk plugs located on a 1998 kia Sophia

How do you change the ignition lock cylinder for a Toyota Camry 1998?

You have to remove the plastic cover underneath of the steering wheel, after that the metal shield behind the plastic cover. When you remove the shield you will get access to the ignition lock cylinder. Disconnect the wire harness, remove the cylinder, install a new cylinder. Connect the wire harness, install the shield, install the plastic cover. PS: Before start write down the code for your stereo (if you have one), disconnect the negative cable from the battery. Be careful when you work around the air bags.

What fuse is for tail lights on 98 Kia Sephia?

There are two fuses that control the taillights on a 1998 Kia Sephia. Each fuse controls one taillight and are located in slots 33 and 34.