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How do you install an ignition switch on a 1989 Chevy truck 2500?


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2011-09-13 04:48:03

Hi there.

i own a 1989 Chevy cheyane and had to fix my tilt steering. the same applies to removing the steering wheel and etc to get to the ignition switch as well.

i went to Canadian tire or parts dealer. i had to rent a steering wheel puller etc. remove steering wheel cap, undo main bolt. remove plastic horn cover ( watch out for springs) remove tilt arm. then you have to remove torx screws from base of tilt housing. slide off main collar. you can search on the web for removing or fixing tilt mechanism and it will show you how to do this but it will show you how to remove the ignition system as well. it's not to hard just keep all the parts together and reasemble in same order you took apart. It took me two hours to do this, and i didnt know what i was doing.

good luck.



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95 truck manthe ignition switch is the thing you stick your truck key into to start the motor.the starter is under the hood,located at the bottom of the engine.follow the "hot" lead frpm the battery.goes right to the starter motor. Nope, this guy is wrong. The thing you stick your key in is the ignition cylinder or lock. The ignition switch is a separate unit. Both are available for replacement. The cylinder itself is just a mechanical unit which operates the electro-mechanical ignition switch located a bit further down the column.

There is no inertia switch on the Chevy truck it runs from the ecm , oil pressure switch and relay.

On the column, below the ignition switch, round button, press in the centre to activate, pull out on outside collar to shut off.

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