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The best way to assess the condition of rotors and brakes is to have it done by a knowledgeable professional. These boys and girls have special training that allows them to evaluate the state of your brakes. You can generally get a free "look see" at many auto shops, and by calling around, you can find a friendly crew that will help you. Brakes are pretty important. If you car runs rough, that's one thing. But if it doesn't stop when you need it too, you (and others) could be in serious trouble.

Certainly the shop you contact would like to work on your car, and the possibility of getting your business motivates them. But most shops are fairly honest and will be straight up with you. (The "bad press" and nasty "write ups" from angry, dissatisfied customers is something they generally want to avoid. Let alone litigation.) Contact the Better Business Bureau in your area to see if any complaints have been filed with a shop you are considering. Also, why not ask around among family or friends that live locally to see if they have any recommendations? That's a good idea, too.

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Q: How do you know if you need rotors or brakes?
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Is there a rumbling noise when you brake with warped rotors?

There can be. Only way to know is have your brakes and rotors inspected.

What can cause Front brakes on 2001 Monte to pulsate?

The front rotors are out of round or warped, Need to have the rotors turned.

When your foot is on the brakes why does it shake you?

Your rotors need to be turned. They have become warped.

How do you know if you need new rotors?

If they are warped, they need to be turned, if they are groved, they need to be turned. If they are glazed, they need to be turned. In general, if you are working on the brakes, they need to be turned.If they are too thin (not wide enough across) to be turned, they need to be replaced. Many newer rotors are not thick enough to be turned, so you just replace them every time you replace the brakes. Most auto parts retailers will measure the thickness of the rotors for you and tell you if they can be turned.

Should I replace the BMW brake rotors when I get the brakes fixed?

There is no need to spend the money if it doesn't need done. Typically your rotors last longer than your brakes do anyway, so you should be fine for a while.

How do you repair a metal to metal sound coming from the brakes?

Replace the pads, and the rotors. You need to change the brake pads and the rotors.

Do you need to change brakes and rotors if you put 24 inch rims on your truck?

Whats to best rotors for 24 in rims

How long and how often do the front brakes need to be replace and rotors resurfaced?

They need replaced when they wear out.

When do you need to replace brake rotor?

when needing brakes do you have to replace the rotors to on a s60r

How do you know you need brake pads and rotors?

you can do a visual check if you can see the pads and rotors or a hearing test while driving the car start coming to a stop if you hear a highpitched squeel you need new pads If there is a grinding sound when you step on the brake , you need pads and possibly rotors (depending on the damage) . To check your brakes you need to remove the tire and inspect the pads and rotor . If there is little or no "meat" left on the pad they need changing . If there is pulsing in the peddle when you depress the brakes the rotors may be warped from heat and need to be cut or replaced . Drum brakes require you to remove the tire and drumm to check the shoes .

After replacing front pads and rotors do you still need to bleed the brakes?

No you dont have to. All I did was was pump the brakes with the car running

Why does my steering shake when brakes are applied?

Your brake rotors are warped and need replaced/resurfaced.

What causes brakes to surge on 2007 Chevy Silverado?

Rotors are out of round,need to have them turned.

Why are your rear brakes squeaking if you just had the pads and rotors for both the front and back?

If it is a Toyota, they do not know how to fix the squeaking brakes either. Even after replacing all the pads and machining the rotors and rear drums

How do I keep my steering wheel from shaking when my brakes are applied?

Have the front rotors turned on a lathe at a dealership. check brakes and rotors

Cost to replace rotors?

We need to know the year, make, model and front or rear rotors to answer that one. also need to know if the rotors and hubs are one piece or separate.

Chrysler front end shakes when you hit the brakes?

Your rotors are warped. You need new brake pads and the rotors turned at a machine shop or replaced.

Does the front part of the drive shaft on a 1997 4x4 F350 need to be removed when replacing brakes and rotors?

No, the brakes have nothing to do with the drive shaft.

Why does the steering shake when brakes are applied?

Could be that the rotors are "out of round" and need either to be resurfaced or replaced

What makes brakes pulsate when coming to a complete stop?

Rotors out of round and need to be replaced or resurfaced?

Cause of pulsating brakes?

Rotors may be out of "round" (lateral runout) and need to be resurfaced or replaced

What causes the vehicle to hop when brakes are applies?

Warped rotors. They need to be removed, turned or replaced.

Do you have to replace rotors when changing brakes?

Most of the time, you can get by with just replacing the pads. The rotors generally do not need to be turned if there is no pedal pulsation or vibration. Rotors will need to be replaced if the exceed the minimum thickness which is stamped on the web (area with lug holes).

Why Volvo S70 shake at driver side while braking?

You need to check your brakes and rotors. Typically when the rotors go out it will make any car/ truck do that.

What could cause your brakes to go out quickly?

I know on Jeeps they use a soft rotor supposedly to quiet the brakes. The average mileage for their rotors is supposed to be around 13,000. I changed my rotors and have not had this problem since and I'm going on 30,000.