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If you're pregnant on Mirena, you'll have a positive pregnancy test. The IUD does not affect the accuracy of a pregnancy test.

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A pregnancy test will tell you if you're pregnant after stopping Mirena.

If you get Mirena while you are pregnant, you must have the Mirena removed as soon as possible regardless of whether you plan to continue the pregnancy. You can get a new Mirena when the pregnancy is over.

If you are pregnant, you should have the Mirena removed.

The IUD Mirena is a very good birth control. Only about 5% of women each year get pregnant each year while on the Mirena.

Five percent of women each year that get pregnant while taking the IUD Mirena. This is a type of birth control.

If you think you're pregnant on Mirena, take a pregnancy test.

You can exercise while using Mirena. There are no activity restrictions when using Mirena.

There is a very low risk of pregnancy when using Mirena. If you want to get pregnant, have the Mirena removed.

Yes, you can have a full-term pregnancy after getting pregnant with Mirena.

Have the Mirena removed, and then have intercourse.

It is not bad to have a baby after Mirena. Patients typically remove Mirena when they want to get pregnant, and then conceive.

You don't have a normal "menstrual cycle" when on Mirena, although you may have vaginal bleeding. Pregnancy with Mirena is unlikely whether or not you are bleeding.

Yes, you can get pregnant if you have had Mirena in for more than five years. Use an alternate method of birth control.

Pregnancy on Mirena is unlikely. Pregnancy with a period is unlikely. Pregnancy on Mirena with a period is very unlikely.

It is possible that you can get pregnant after Mirena is removed even if you are bleeding. If you don't want to be pregnant, use another method of birth control.

my obgyn told me that he had patients whose mirena's fell out. It is then possible to get pregnant.

Mirena may cause absent periods or irregular bleeding, which are symptoms that pregnant women experience. Otherwise, it does not make your body "act pregnant."

If you feel that you may be pregnant then yes. It never hurts to test.

Same as when not on Mirena, get a pregnancy test & find out

There is no need to wait to conceive after stopping Mirena or any IUD. You can get pregnant immediately after stopping without concerns about safety.

No, leaving Mirena in place if you're pregnant is not a way to have an abortion. See your health care provider to discuss options and to have the Mirena removed.

While Mirena is highly effective it is possible to become pregnant. However, it is also very common for women with Mirena to miss periods and this can become relatively common especially after 6 months to 1 year of use. If you have not had your period in 6 weeks (so about 2 weeks late) please call your doctor and tell them you would like a pregnancy test. If you find you are not pregnant ask your doctor if you can take home tests in the future when this happens or if you should call.

You should change your Mirena for another method or another Mirena IUD after five years.

Probably not. These symptoms are all side effects of the mirena iud.

You were given information on the risk of pregnancy if you used Mirena. A successful lawsuit is unlikely.

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