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How do you read fault codes on an 1988 toronado?

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If your model has the digital heater/AC control panel, turn the ignition switch to "on" and then press the heater control panel's "off" and"warm" buttons at the same time for 5 seconds or so. The instrument panel will then display any codes.

2009-11-12 03:18:42
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How do you read the fault codes on a n16 pulsar?

1996 nissan pulsar fault codes

How do you read the fault codes from a 96 F150?

TAke it to auto Zone They will read the codes free.

How do you read fault codes on a Hyundai sonata?

A person can read the fault codes on a Hyundai Sonata by connecting an OBD II code reader to the vehicle's computer. It displays all the errors detected, as well as a brief description.

If the check engine light stays on how do you get the fault code on a 2001 Dodge Stratus?

You need a scan tool to read fault codes.

Why does the check engine light go on and off on a 2003 Harley?

Because there's an intermittent issue which needs to be addressed. You need to have the DTCs (fault codes) read to find out which codes you have, what your active codes are, what your inactive codes are, and how many counts of each fault you have.

What are the rca tv fault codes?

Fault codes are where your tv has an internal problem with power that most likely prevents your tv from coming on.The faults are sometimes read by a processor and generated into blinking lights,or trouble codes

HOW do you read fault code eec 61 on a freightliner cascadia?

You have to take it to a truck repair shot or dealership. The fault codes can only be read with software and a special adapter to link up to a computer.

How much costs for service engine soon BMW?

you need to have the check engine/service engine soon fault codes read to determine what the fault is.

How can you read the fault codes on a 1988 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royal V6 engine?

You may want to go to a car parts store, and get a repair manual for your car. They cost about $16.00 Or, go to a Public Library.

What does it mean when the engine light comes on in your Vauxhall Frontera?

ECU has registered a fault. Get the codes read to find out what it is.

Why does engine stall at idle?

Check the air filter is not clogged. Get a garage to read the fault codes and fix it.

How do you find 1999 Chevy fault codes?

96 on up you need a code scanner,you can take it to auto zone to have the codes read ,free of charge.

How do you get freightliner codes?

If you have the Detroit motor, you can read the fault codes off the dash. Call them in to any Freightliner dealer or Detroit Diesel mechanic, and they can tell you what those codes are. If you have the MBE4000, Cummins, or Caterpillar motors, you'll need to have the computer hooked up to read off the codes.

How do you get a 2000 Volkswagen beetle out of safe mode?

It needs to be connected to diagnostic equipment for the fault codes to be read and then cleared.

How do you get service engine soon fault code on a 2002 blazer?

You need a scanning device to read the codes, you could purchase one or drive the vehicle to your local auto parts store and they will read the codes for you for zip.

How do you read fault codes on 1996 Toyota starlet sportif?

Jumper wire between te1 and e1 terminals ,binary code reads out as flashes on engine fault light.

How do I find the fault codes manually on a 2002 dodge grand caravan if my malfunction indicator light stays on constantly and does not blink?

Go to Auto Zone and they can read your fault codes free. Might indicate a bad or not properly tightened gas cap, bad gas or emissions valve fault.

Why would imobiser light come on while driving causing loss of powervaxhall frontera?

EML light tells you there is a fault. This will be registered in the ECU. Get a code reader and read the codes to find the fault. If there is a loss in power, then the car is probably in limp mode. Fixing the shown fault and clearing the codes will fix it.

How do you read the fault codes for a 2002 windstar?

You don't unless you have a scanner. Take it to Auto Zone who will read the codes for you then try and sell you the parts. Actually, I only go to Auto Zone now.Good store. Loaner toolsPhil

How do you turn engine management light off vauxhall frontera?

You need to have the codes read by a codereader, then cleared by the reader after the fault is repaired.

What is wrong with suspension when all heights are lit on panel on 2000 range rover hse?

The system has a fault code does the dash read do not exceed 35mph should read eas fault may be a bad sensor bag pump etc you will need to take to the dealer to read and erase codes

Why has my engine malfunction light come on in your ford transit TDCI model 2007?

Any number of possible faults will cause the MIL to illuminate the only way to find the fault is to have the fault codes read by diagnostic equipment. The fault needs to be rectified then the codes can be re-set which will then extinguish the light MIL malfunction indication light

What does the SERV light on a Renault laguna 1997 1.9 automatic mean?

Get the ecu codes read, there is a fault code listed in the engine ecu

What kind of code reader do you need to read fault codes for a 1995 Ford Explorer?

You need an OBDII scanning tool to retrieve and read the fault codes. If the check engine light is illuminated, you can take the vehicle to AutoZone or similar auto parts store and get a free scan. If you want to buy your own scan tool, they cost about $70 and up.

How do you find the fault in the ABS system on truck?

That depends on which motor you have in your truck. Most vehicles will require a mechanic to hook a computer up to the truck and get the fault codes that way. Detroit Diesel has a feature where you can read the fault codes on the dash, but you'd still need to contact a mechanic to find out exactly what the fault codes given mean. Although the ABS is a separate system from the drivetrain, all the sensors input into the engine computer, and are read from that. In many cases, you'll get an ABS warning when there's nothing wrong with the ABS at all, but instead, it'll be because of damage to one of the ABS sensors.