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Maybe not exactly what you asked, but I just finished replacing the rear pads and rotors on a 2004 Silverado (2WD). Once the wheel and speed nuts are removed the rotor should slide right off. I'm assuming you haven't engaged the parking brake. The parking brake shoes can also wear a groove inside the rotor which will take a little extra persuasion (wheel puller or mallet).

If you are replacing the rotors, heres what you do. make sure truck is braced well. use a five pound sludg hammer and brake them loose. they will come loose. befor you put new ones on make sure park prakes are centered . line new ones up on studs. take block of wood and tap with the sludg.

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Q: How do you release the emergency brake shoe to remove the Rear Brake Rotor on a 2002 Chevy Silverado Pickup?
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You have to either drop the fuel tank or remove the bed. i found it was easier for me to drop the tank on my chevy. I suggest to get a mamual!!!!

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