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I just changed the pads and rotors on the wifes 2003 escape and it was stuck but you have to hammer the rotor all around and that will loosen it up ,you might want to spray some WD40 on before you start hammering

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โˆ™ 2008-07-19 18:06:17
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Q: How do you remove a brake rotor if it is stuck and won't come off a 2003 Ford Escape?
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How do I remove 2001 Town and Country rear brake rotor?

Remove the caliper, remove the caliper bracket, and remove speed clips that hold rotor. If the rotor is stuck , take a hammer and hit it squarely between the wheel studs.

How can you remove stuck brake rotors on a 1987 Pontiac Bonneville?

Remove set screw. Then tap the rotor with a hammer. The rotor should break free. It has just rusted itself to the axle, due to condensation.

How do you remove the rear discs 2000 crown Victoria?

You have to remove the brake caliper first. Then you might have to slack the parking brake. The parking brake on read disc in inside the back of the rotor. If you cannot slack the parking brake, the you will have to hit the rotor ( with a small 5 lb hammer ) to loosen it. Might take a little time if it is stuck on.

How do you remove a stuck front brake rotor on a 1997 Saturn SL1?

Get a big hammer and beat it off. Spray penetrating fluid where you think it may get into the rotor to hub surface.

How do you remove stuck brake rotors on a 2002 Jeep Liberty?

Unfortunatley the only way I could get them off was with a 10lb sledge hammer, needless to say I had to replace the rotor.

How do you remove a stuck distributor rotor from a 1989 2.5L LeBaron?

The Rotor has a small bolt that holds the Rotor on the shaft. Did you Loosen this bolt?

How do you remove a stuck on brake rotor on a 1998 Ford Contour?

your goin to need a BFH and a torch end of story. lol yea right ull prolly be there a while beating and heating

How do you replace front brake pads and rotors on a 1998 Chevy Malibu?

remove wheel use i believe a T-55 torx bit to remove caliper if rotors are stuck carefully heat rotor center around hub assembly and remove rotor (easier said than done!!!) compress caliper piston with c- clamp replace brake pads and calipers then wheel. sometimes it is handy to remove the cap from the master cylinder to relieve air.

How do you remove stuck disc brake rotors?

here are a few tricks.some rotors have a threaded holes for bolts to be installed into.turn in the bolts a bit at a time to free from the flange.or remove the caliper and use a chunk of wood to protect the rotor and smack it with a large hammer.rotate the rotor a 1/4 turn and hit again repeat process till free.hit from backside of rotor.

How do you replace brake disc on a 2000 Pontiac sunfire?

Lift car, remove wheel, remove caliper & caliper bracket (bolts in back near strut). Give the rotor a wack with a hammer if it's stuck on the hub and remove it. Reverse to install.

How to remove 1998 jeep grand Cherokee rotor?

Simply remove the wheel and the brake caliper. You remove the caliper by taking out the two bolts in the back of the caliper. The rotor just slides over the five lug bolts like the wheel (or rim). It may be stuck with rust and corrosion so you may have to use a little force to pop it off.

Why is the rotor hot?

This is normal. Average braking causes friction which causes heat but, excessive heat from one rotor could be caused by a sticky or stuck brake caliper.

How to remove Stuck front rotors on 2005 GMC Sierra?

In order to remove any rotors that stuck on a vehicle, usually you have to hit the rotor hub part with a large hammer being careful not to hit the wheel studs. This is done to break the seal of rust that builds up which keeps the rotor stuck. On some occasions, the rotor will have little threaded holes in which you have to drive the correct size bolt through until the rotor pops off.

How do you get the front rotor off of 2007 dodge ram 2500 4x4?

After the wheel and brake caliper are removed, the rotor will most likely be stuck to the wheel hub. You will have to hammer, pry, soak with penetrant, and hammer some more to get it off.After the wheel and brake caliper are removed, the rotor will most likely be stuck to the wheel hub. You will have to hammer, pry, soak with penetrant, and hammer some more to get it off.

What would make a scraping noise when you press on the brake pedal in a 2005 Lincoln LS?

It could be something stuck in between your brake pad and rotor. Sometimes rocks and thingscan flick up in there and it grinds against your rotor when you put on the brakes.

How do you replace the emergency brake shoes on a 1994 mercury grand marquis?

They are on the inside of the rear rotors. Once the caliper is removed, remove the rotor. Sometimes a good 5lb hammer might help if they are stuck. The pads are inside.

How do you remove stuck brake drum on kia spectra?

To remove a stuck brake drum you will need to use a brake drum puller to get it off. Many auto parts stores have a loaner tool program where you pay a deposit for the tool and get your deposit back when you return it.

Why does One of my calipers keep pressure once I release the brake?

It's stuck against the rotor. Time to replace the calipers

How does one remove a front brake rotor on a 2003 Mazda 6?

You need to remove the screws that hold the rotor onto the backing plate. Since they usually rust in, I would suggest spraying them with some PB Blaster, and using an impact driver to get them off. Have someone step on the brake in the car to hold the wheel still. If you don't have an impact driver you can try using a Phillips bit in your ratchet and put a big piece of pipe on the ratchet to get torque. Just be careful not to strip the screw head or you will need to drill the screw out. Remove the caliper. Once the screws are outof the rotor, the rotor may still be stuck onto the backing plate. Thread a bolt into the extra hole on the rotor until it contacts the backing plate. Then turn it gently a few turns until it pops the rotor off. BTW. the bolt from the brake hose mount fits nicely into this hole. Good luck

How do you remove the brake rotor on a 2002 dodge durango?

1. Jack up car and secure with chocks & stands. 2. Remove wheel. 3. Remove caliper, using a 7mm or Torx45 wrench. Do not allow caliper to dangle. Tie it up with suitable wire or a coat hanger. 4. Beat on rotor til it comes off. Really. They get stuck. They aren't held on by anything but pressure and rust. Use penetrating oil, beat on rotor some more. Eventually it will come off.

How do you take the rear rotors off a 1996 Mitsubishi 3000 GT?

Take off rear wheel. Remove brake calipers and support them with wire. Remove rotors. If they do not come right off they are either rusted on or they are stuck on the parking brake which is "drum style" located inside the rotor. There should be a hole in the hub face of the rotor to access the adjuster. Try turning the adjuster with a screw driver or brake spoon. Turning the adjuster "UP" loosens "Down" Tightens. Sometimes a large rubber hamer or prybar is needed.

How do you remove front brake rotor on 2008 Ford Fusion Screws are out it wont come off?

If someone is having problems removing a stuck piece of a car such as a front brake rotor, even when the screws are out, then it needs some lubricant. The best thing is to spray some WD-40 onto the are and certainly into the join between the part and the car and leave that to work for at least an hour before trying again.

Can a worn cv joint make the rotor hot. and i already replaced he caliper thinking it seized.?

No but, the next time that brake seems stuck open the bleeder on that stuck caliper and see if the caliper releases the pressure. If so you may have a bad brake hose or a pinched brake line that holds pressure.

How do you remove a stuck front rotor on an 86 Mazda 626 LX?

Just take a hammer and bang on it while spinning the rotor. Keep going until if gives.

How do I remove 1972 Corvette rear rotors that won't budge?

It is quite common for rotors to be stuck in place. Tap on the back of the rotor with a hammer, until the rotor is loose.