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The Rotor has a small bolt that holds the Rotor on the shaft. Did you Loosen this bolt?

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Q: How do you remove a stuck distributor rotor from a 1989 2.5L LeBaron?
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How do you check to see if distributor is stuck 1997 mercury villager?

Take the distributor cap off and turn the engine. If the rotor turns it's not "stuck".

How do I remove 2001 Town and Country rear brake rotor?

Remove the caliper, remove the caliper bracket, and remove speed clips that hold rotor. If the rotor is stuck , take a hammer and hit it squarely between the wheel studs.

How to remove Stuck front rotors on 2005 GMC Sierra?

In order to remove any rotors that stuck on a vehicle, usually you have to hit the rotor hub part with a large hammer being careful not to hit the wheel studs. This is done to break the seal of rust that builds up which keeps the rotor stuck. On some occasions, the rotor will have little threaded holes in which you have to drive the correct size bolt through until the rotor pops off.

How can you remove stuck brake rotors on a 1987 Pontiac Bonneville?

Remove set screw. Then tap the rotor with a hammer. The rotor should break free. It has just rusted itself to the axle, due to condensation.

How do you remove a stuck front rotor on an 86 Mazda 626 LX?

Just take a hammer and bang on it while spinning the rotor. Keep going until if gives.

How do I remove 1972 Corvette rear rotors that won't budge?

It is quite common for rotors to be stuck in place. Tap on the back of the rotor with a hammer, until the rotor is loose.

How do you remove a distributor cap screw bolt rusted stuck without destroying distributor?

Most of the time it breaks off and you will need to drill it out and replace screew.

How do you remove a stuck front brake rotor on a 1997 Saturn SL1?

Get a big hammer and beat it off. Spray penetrating fluid where you think it may get into the rotor to hub surface.

How do you remove a stuck distributor rotor on a 98 Honda civic?

shoud be a Philips screw on the side of the rotor. remove carefully using a quality screwdriver. sometimes the rotor sticks on. get a hammer and metal or wood bar/stick tap at the top behind the rotor to get it to move. it might take a minute but keep at it and it will eventually move . I had to tap mine all the way off the distro. Or squirt some penetrating lube in the screw hole, wait a few minutes and try to twist it. When it breaks loose it will be easy to get off.

How do you remove stuck front rotor 91 dodge stealth?

beat it off with a rubber mallet or get hub puller at part store

How do you remove a brake rotor if it is stuck and won't come off a 2003 Ford Escape?

I just changed the pads and rotors on the wifes 2003 escape and it was stuck but you have to hammer the rotor all around and that will loosen it up ,you might want to spray some WD40 on before you start hammering

How do you remove a right rear disc rotor on a 2001 ford excursion?

Watch this u tube video my right rear rotor is stuck and i will try this in the morning.

How do you remove stuck disc brake rotors?

here are a few tricks.some rotors have a threaded holes for bolts to be installed into.turn in the bolts a bit at a time to free from the flange.or remove the caliper and use a chunk of wood to protect the rotor and smack it with a large hammer.rotate the rotor a 1/4 turn and hit again repeat process till free.hit from backside of rotor.

How do you remove a caliper that is stuck on the rotor 95 cutlass supreme SL?

Usually you can put a screwdriver between the edge of the rotor and the caliper and pry up on it. Stuck from rust, heat, or piston in caliper will not release? Rust, heat, it will pry up. Not releasing, open bleeder screw if possible without breaking it off.

How do you remove a caliper that's is stuck on the rotor 95 olds cutlass supreme SL?

what i would do is get some wd40 a pry bar and pry tht sucker right off.(you may need a new rotor after that or at least resurface yours)

How do you remove rotor button on 5.7 V8?

These things got really stuck sometimes. If you intend to replace the rotor, I have found that it is often easier to squeeze the old rotor with "channel lock / water pump pliers and shatter it. This prevents the possibility of damagintg the Hall Effect Switch under the rotor. Put a dab of dielectric grease on the shaft before you install the new rotor. Good Luck!

How do you remove the distributor from a ford 351M that will not twist after removing horseshoe bracket?

the dist. is just stuck try turning its base with a pair of channel locks there is also an o ring on the dist. shaft that also has the dist. stuck

How do you remove stuck brake rotors on a 2002 Jeep Liberty?

Unfortunatley the only way I could get them off was with a 10lb sledge hammer, needless to say I had to replace the rotor.

How to remove 1998 jeep grand Cherokee rotor?

Simply remove the wheel and the brake caliper. You remove the caliper by taking out the two bolts in the back of the caliper. The rotor just slides over the five lug bolts like the wheel (or rim). It may be stuck with rust and corrosion so you may have to use a little force to pop it off.

How do you replace brake disc on a 2000 Pontiac sunfire?

Lift car, remove wheel, remove caliper & caliper bracket (bolts in back near strut). Give the rotor a wack with a hammer if it's stuck on the hub and remove it. Reverse to install.

How do you remove stuck front rotor on a 2003 Grand Caravan when hammering doesn't work?

You have to heat up the contact points the rotor around the studs with MAP gas then try hit it but if that doesent work then you need a torch (MAP and oxgen) to get it red hot.

How do you remove the front rotors on a 97 Accord LX?

Take off the calipers. If there are screws holding the rotor, remove them. If the screws are stuck, be careful when you use the screwdriver. You might round out the screw. If stuck, use a 1/4" socket wrench, 1/4" socket and a screwdriver bit. The screwdriver bit will fit inside the 1/4" socket. This will give you extra torque when removing the screw. The rotor should come right off.

How do you remove the rear discs 2000 crown Victoria?

You have to remove the brake caliper first. Then you might have to slack the parking brake. The parking brake on read disc in inside the back of the rotor. If you cannot slack the parking brake, the you will have to hit the rotor ( with a small 5 lb hammer ) to loosen it. Might take a little time if it is stuck on.

How do you remove a stuck on brake rotor on a 1998 Ford Contour?

your goin to need a BFH and a torch end of story. lol yea right ull prolly be there a while beating and heating

How do you remove stuck spark plugs?

To remove the stuck spark plugs, you can break them loose and then start to get them tighter as you rotate them out. The ratchet wrench can also be used to remove the stuck spark plugs.