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You have to have a little mechanic ability to unbolt them and reinstall them.

^^^^that is a given, here is a step by step instruction on how to remove the bumper on a Dodge Dakota 98-99 (i'm sure it's the same for a few other years mainly generation 2 Dakota's), and a list of tools needed.

Tools needed:

18 mm Socket and a ratchet

WD-40/PB Blaster

#2 Phillips bit screwdriver / flat head (in order to remove bumper cover)

how to remove the bumper:

1.) pop your hood and open it all the way

2.) look down in front of your coolant overflow tank and just to the left of the radiator

3.) remove the four 18mm bolts from bumper

4.) pull bumper out

(if you need to remove the brakets that the bumper is bolted to then you need a T50 star bit and a 3/4 inch socket with a 6" extention)

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Q: How do you remove a fender and bumper from a 1998 Dodge Dakota pickup?
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How do you remove the front bumper of a Chevrolet pickup?

You shouldn't own a chevy if you can't figure out how to remove the bumper

Easiest way to remove fender drivers side1967 dodge dart?

remove grill,remove bumper,unbolt fender bracket off bumper bracket,take off splash pan in between door and fender,take out fender bolts,don't forget bolts on bottom of fender.there is a bolt under the fender ,back by the door at the top.pull fender off.good luck.

How do you remove a fender from your 1983 dodge pickup?

let your wife drive it to walmart

Where is the headlight relay on a 1996 Nissan 2.4 liter pickup?

On My 93 pickup it , you have to remove the battey and its is just inside the fender. Rick

How do you replace a 2000 Ford Taurus driverside fender?

remove headlight there is 2 bolts there ,remove enter fender there is one nut that bolts the bumper to the fender,there is two bolts at the bottom of the fender next to the door.then one bolt in the middle of fender next to the door. then you got the bolts on top of fender under hood

How do you remove the front bumper on a 2004 dodge Dakota?

Support the bumper with a jack or jackstandWith an assistant supporting the bumper remove the bolts/nuts retaining the bumper to the frameRemove the inner bumper bracket mounting bolts and the push-in fastners securing the air deflector to the bottom of the bumper fasciaDisconnect any wiring harnesses that would interfere with bumper removal and detach the bumper

How do you change the antenna on a 94 Toyota pickup?


How do you replace a left fender on a 1996 Chrysler Town and Country?

Remove the headlights, remove the hood and you probably need to remove the bumper. All along the fender should be bolts that secure the fender to the van. There will probably be about 6 on top, 2 or 3 on the bottom and a few along the side.

How does one remove the front bumper cap on a 1998 Porsche Boxster?

remove the side markers and then the screws under them, also screws under latch cover in trunk, underside of bumper, behind fender liners.

Do it your self replace 2002 Chevy Trailblazer fender?

Getting the alignment(gap) right is the hardest. Just need to remove the headlight, raise the hood unbolt the fender bolts. The fender bolts near the door jam, You get access with the door open. You might need to remove the bumper to remove.

How do you replace the front bumper on a 98 Ford Windstar?

ok first remove all of the screws from the inner fender walls that connect the inner fender walls to the fenders remove the factory mud flaps from the fenders than un bolt the bumper from the top an bottom than remove all fender bolts to remove both fenders as the right and left sides are of the bumper are connected to the fenders from the inside you should have a buddy to assist you as not to scratch or damage anything in the process be sure you line up the fender straight with the new bumper and do not bend anything the fenders are very thin and bend easily take your time this could take you a coupple days . good luck rob g

How do you remove the front bumper on a 2001 dodge Dakota?

There are a flat head nuts on the back side of the bummer, you will need to remove these nuts then pull the bolts out. the bumper (if it has not already done so) the bumper will fall off. If you also wish to remove the braces you can do so just as easily.

How do you remove right front fender on 2003 civic?

The right front fender on the 2003 Honda Civic is held on by several mounting bolts and screws. Raise the hood and loosen the bolts. Raise the vehicle and remove the wheel to reach the bolts in the wheel weld. Remove the bolts inside the door hinge and the screws on the bumper. Remove the fender.

How do you remove a bumper from a 1999 escort zx2?

To remove the front bumper on a zx2 , first you need to remove all of the fasteners on the top side of the bumper. ( open the hood and look straight down, remove all of those black plastic retaing screws.) After you remove the fasteners from the topyou need to lay down and get all of those small screws on the bottom/front of the bumper. Basically they just hold on the front splash guard but you need to remove them anyways. Once you take care of the top and bottom side of the bumper you need to remove both of the front inner fender wells. It's usually easier if you remove the wheels first. Once you remove the inner fender wells, get you a 3/8 drive ratchet wrench with a LONG extension. There are two (2) bolts on each side of the bumper, I believe they are a 13mm. Take out all four (4) bolts and then remove the front bumper cover and your done.

How do you replace the headlight assembly on a 2000 civic ex?

Remove the Philips screw on each corner of the bumper. Remove the clips that hold the grill and bumper to the radiator support. Pull the bumper forward. Remove the 10mm bolts that mount the head light to the radiator support. Remove the 10mm bolt that mounts the head light to the fender. Remove the 10mm bolt that mounts the head light to a bracket near the bumper beam.

How do you remove driver side front fender off a 1999 elantra?

1. Raise the car and support it securely on jack stands and remove the wheel 2. Remove the turn signal housing and front bumper cover 3. Detach the screws then remove the inner fenderwell 4. Open the hood and remove the fender-to-body bolts 5. Detach the fender

How do you remove the front bumper cover on a 1987 Chevy Camaro?

bumper is connected to fenders by several bolts that you can see if you open the hood and look toward the area where the nose and fender join.

Where is the battery on a 2005 Chrysler sebring convertible?

I have a 2001 sebring and they tend to place the battery in the front driver fender area. You have to remove the front driver tire, then remove (pry or unscrew) the bolts that hold the fender shield in place. It's most likely there in the fender/ bumper area.

Remove and install 02 jeep Cherokee front fender?

Remove front bumper cover. Remove 2 10mm bolts at front of fender. Remove side skirt, then remove 2 10mm bolts from bottom. Remove wheelwell liner and foam inside fender. Loosen 2 10mm bolts in fender (no need to remove all the way, the metal slides out from bolt). Open hood, if not already, and remove 2 10mm bolts and a ? sized "star" bolt from sill. Hold onto fender so it doesn't fall and pull straight out. If its the right fender, unhook antenna wire.

How do you remove a 97 Honda civic fender?

Support the car on jack stands and remove the wheel (loosen the lug nuts before jacking up the car). Remove all of the fasteners for the plastic fender lining and remove the lining. After this the fender just unbolts. There are a few bolts at the top (under the edge of the hood), a few between the door and fender (open the door to get to them), at least one holding the corner of the bumper to the fender (maybe just a screw), and one bolting the fender to a plastic "arm" coming from the headlamp.

Does a 2004 s2000 front bumper fit a 2002?

Yes with some slight modifications. You will have to trim the bumper support and remove the foam padding. You will also have to switch the fender liners bc the 2002 liners wont reach the 2004 bumper.

Removal and installation of Honda bumper how to install front bumper for 99 accord?

remove plastic rivets and bolts holding bumper within fender well, between lights near hood latch, and bottom of bumber, be careful taking bumper off to prevent cracking. exact opposite for installing bumper

How do you change the fender on a Holden astra?

To change the front fender on a Holden Astra locate all of the mounting bolts. They will be located on the bumper, under the wheel well, on the side skirt, under the hood, and in between the door. Loosen and remove them, then pull the fender.

How do you remove the right front fender off a 78 beetle?

Unhook the battery Disconnect the headlight and turn signal on that side; if you're removing a left-hand fender, unhook the horn too Remove the front bumper and right bracket Remove the billion bolts that are holding it on Pull hard because someone probably painted over the fender welting, and as a result the fender is now glued to the car

How do you remove front bumper 2003 e-250?

It is easy. just remove the 4 large nuts next to your tow hooks. I always wrap the ends of the bumper with tape or something to protect from scratching the bumper when you finally get the nuts loose. The ends will want to go up and hit the fender paint.