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I'm not positive, but you might take a look at the threads protruding from the nut to see if it is reverse threaded. I know a lot of pinion gears have a reverse thread on them. This would mean you would turn your wrench clockwise to loosen the nut. If you can't see the thread, check with your parts supplier to see if it is a reverse thread.

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Q: How do you remove the Yoke nut on a 1999 Cherokee rear Differential?
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How do you replace pinion seal 1995 jeep Cherokee?

remove the 4 8mm bolts holding ujoint to rear yoke. jimmy shaft off yoke. wrap the ujoint in tape to keep the caps on while you work, remove nut off rear yoke, pull rear yoke out of differential. take pry bar or claw hammer and pry seal out of diff. replace with new seal by tapping carefully in with a hammer or large socket to avoid denting.. repeat in reverse Do you have a diagram to show how to replace the rear pinion seal on a 1994 jeep grand cherokee? Do you need a special tool that bolts to the adapter plate to hold the yoke from turning?

How to Remove rear diff yoke bolt for a jeep Cherokee 4wd?

With a long breaker bar and a holding tool.

How do you remove universal joints 1995 Chevy 2500?

Mark driveshaft, transmission splines, and differential yoke. So that installation will maintain factory balance remove and discard small "u" bolts from differential yoke pry driveshaft out of differential yoke pull drivshaft out of transmission spline shaft bring driveshaft to machine shop to have old universal joints pressed out of shaft and new ones installed or use vise and sockets to drive "U" joints out of driveshaft re-install driveshaft in same position as removed using new "U" bolts

Where is the drive shaft seal 1996 Chevy Tahoe?

The only seals on the driveshaft itself would be on the slip yoke. You're probably thinking of the pinion seal, which is at the front of the differential, behind the input yoke to the differential.

How do you remove the rear drive shaft from a 2000 grand Cherokee Laredo?

Use a crayon or piece of chalk and draw a line on the rear yoke in the differential and on the driveshaft. Do this on the front end of the driveshaft/trany/transfercase also. This is so the driveshaft goes back into the same position you took it from (otherwise you may get a vibration). Undo the 4 bolts on the rear axel yoke. Pry out universal from the yoke. Pull the driveshaft out of the back of the trany/transfer case. You may loose fluid from the trany/transfer case rear seal so check it when you reinstall it

What is torque spec for 2003 Ford Escape rear differential yoke?

23nm/17 ft-lbs

How do you take out the rear axle gear out of the casing do you need a special tool for it does any one have a diagram?

You'll more than likely need to pop the axles out, remove the drive shaft. Remove the nut on the rear yoke and remove the rear yoke (puller). Than you can remove the rear differential by unbolting it behind the cover. this is very dellicate if you dont know what your doing dont do it, this is one of those things to take to a shop cause you can more damage trying to fix it

How do you change the front hub bearings on a 1999 F250?

You need to jack up the car, remove the a rear axle carrier and the yoke drive shaft. After that remove, repeat the reverse process to change the hub.

How do you remove the center support bearing from a 2001 Chevy silverado 2500HD?

The entire driveshaft and stub shaft must be disconnected from between the differential and the transmission. After removal, make match marks on all parts to ensure correct re assembly. Dis-assemble the driveshaft until you are able to remove the yoke that the center support bearing is attached to. Press the yoke out of the bearing and then back into the new bearing.

How do you drop a driveshaft out of a 1993 ford thunderbird LX?

Mark driveshaft, splinced shaft at front of shaft, and rear yoke to ensure that it is replaced at the same position to maintain factory balance Remove and discard small "u" bolts at the differential yoke Pry driveshaft out of yoke and up onto to splines at rear of transmission Drop driveshaft Pull driveshaft off of splined end of transmission Use new "u" bolts on installation

What to do if your Ford f 150 is leaking fluid from differential yoke?

The pinion seal is shot. A mechanic can replace the seal and check for problems.

How do you remove the drive shaft from a 1996 Geo Tracker?

First make drive shaft and yoke to insure tat they are replaced in the same location to maintain factory balance Remove small "U" bolts at yoke Pry drive shaft out of yoke Pull driveshaft off splined end

How do you remove a drive shaft on a S10?

Mark driveshaft and yoke to install in same location to maintain factory balance Remove 2 small "U" bolts from rear end yoke Pry driveshaft out of yoke Slide off spline from transmission not all drive shafts are one piece. How you remove the center support bearing(carrier bearing) from the forward drive shaft?

How do you change u joints on a 1989 GMC sierra?

Mark driveshaft, yoke, and transmission tailpiece so driveshaft will be re-installed in same location to maintain factory balance Remove and discard small "U" bolts at differential yoke Pry driveshaft out of yoke and up on to transmission tailpiece Pull driveshaft off of transmission Easiest to bring driveshaft to auto parts/machine shop to have new "u" joint pressed into driveshaft Replace in reverse order using new "u" bolts

How do you remove front driveshaft in a 87 ford ranger 4x4?

on the drivers side of your truck right behind the front tire the front drive shaft attaches to the front differential yoke. There is 4 small torx head screws (bolts) holding the drive shaft to the yoke. Remove these 4 bolts and take out the u bolts that hold on the U-joint put a large screwdriver or something between the u-joint and pry and it should pop loose. There is very little space but the drive shaft has to go out forward under the front differential and the yoke going into the Transfer case may need a little help coming out. Again the large screwdriver may help if it doesn't slip right out. Putting it back is the exact reverse. If your gonna leave it out and drive it cover the hole into the transfer case to avoid dirt and debris clogging it up and making putting the yoke back in a real pain. Good luck.

How do you replace a pinion seal?

Remove driveshaft,remove pinion nut that holds the driveshaft yoke on. Then remove the yoke and the seal will be behind the yoke.To pull the seal you need a seal puller or you could use a couple of screwdrivers to pry it out of the axle housing. Install seal & asm in reverse order.

Where do you find the refill plug for the rear differential on a 1987 Chevy S10 Blazer?

If doesn't have the rubber plug in the back cover it will have a threaded metal plug on the passenger side of the carrier housing near the pinion yoke. It takes a 3/8" square male drive to remove it.

How to remove pinion yoke?

After removing the pinion nut, a 2 jaw puller should do the trick.

How do to change your 2001 land rover discovery driveshaft?

Mark driveshaft and yoke to re-isntall in same location to maintain factory balance Loosen and remove small "U" clamps at yoke end of driveshaft Pry driveshaft out of yoke Pull off of splined end

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How do you remove front drive shaft on a 2000 ford f250 superduty?

Mark driveshaft yoke and splined area from transfer case - so that it will be installed in the same position to maintain factory balance Remove and discard small "U" bolts from yoke (Replace with new at installation) Pry driveshaft out of yoke and forward onto splines at transfer case Drop driveshaft and pull off splines

How do you get the rear drive shaft to reach the rear axle on a 1992 Jeep Cherokee?

the driveshaft has a collapsable joint....simply pull on the yoke and it will move to fit the diff

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How do you get the drive shaft off a ford 1989 F-150?

Mark driveshaft, yoke and splines so they are replaced at the same position to maintain factory balance. Remove small "u" bolts at yoke Pry driveshaft out of yoke and onto splines Drop driveshaft and slide off splines