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The best description of this procedure, including photos, I have found is at Just follow the first 14 steps and then reverse them to install your new mirror assembly.

See "Related Questions" below for direct link to the pdf file

ok, it is very simple. all you have to do is take off the door panel, and if you have the tweeter in the corner of the door, you are going to have to take the screen off and undo the bolts, then there are 3 bolts that hold the mirror on..... i would recommend to take a digital camera with you so you can take pictures of everything and that way you will be able to put everything back in place.. has online manuals that give step by step how to

Removing the Door PanelIt's easy!
  1. Remove triangle-shaped plastic cover Fwd of door window - gently pry it off
  2. Remove screw from the plastic cover behind door open lever
  3. Remove door lock plunger. (unscrew)
  4. Remove screws down inside the door pull hand-hold area
  5. Look for other Phillips screws - sometimes around the lower 1/2
  6. Pry hidden plastic hold down fasteners from around the edge - pull the panel away from the door and where you see it 'stuck' to the door, slide a pry tool, a stiff putty knife works well, up in that area and pop the fastener off.
  7. Lift door liner enough to get to the mirror power connector and unplug.
  8. For some model years, with door panel loose, you can access the bolts / screws that hold the interior trim piece in place and remove.
  9. Remove Mylar cover for access to 3 Mirror mount studs, speaker screws, door lock actuators, window motors, etc.
  10. Remove nuts, (hold the mirror up from outside) and remove mirror. (Feed electrical harness through door openings as required to facilitate removal.
  11. Reverse order for installation.
96, 97 or 98 side mirror replacementFirst You have to pop the black cover off the speaker "triangle". That way you can get at the screws that hold the speaker bracket (2 or 3). Under that, and through access holes in the door, are three nuts that hold the mirror on 13mm I think. You will need a ratchet an deep socket or 2" extention. Take care not to dropthe nuts; there may be places they can go beyond the ken of men. The bad news is that I think you will have to pop the inside door skin to disconnect the cable . I just did this about two weeks ago, but I'm not sure sitting here at the computer. The door I replaced my poor door with was a 1996. My Taurus is a 1998. So there are minor variations. The '98 had three screws through the edge of the skin to hold the door skin besides the plastic reuseable grip plugs you can't see until the skin is removed. It would be an easy 15 min job if not for the skin. .

To take of the inside panel just remove the screws under the panel, on the left side, and one (that is hard to get to) on the inside. I don't know how to get to the mirror tho. If you know how to get that far can you email me at I need to replace my whole mirror setup. I and if you already knew this, sorry i couldn't help.

In general, the primary mounting screws for the side mirror are under the triangle cover piece - often that is held in place with a single screw itself.

I have found the electric connector to be fairly short, so it may be possible to replace the mirror without removing the door panel.

Remove the speaker cover by carefully prying it off. From the inside of the car, remove the three nuts that attach the mirror bolts. Remove mirror. Re-install the same way.

go to a pic ur part junk yard and find a new one pull the wires out through the door panel its easy

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Q: How do you remove the door panel and replace the side mirror on a Taurus - Sable?
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