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How do you remove the front seats of a Jeep Grand Cherokee?


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2014-07-30 18:35:24
2014-07-30 18:35:24

There are 4 bolts 2 in the front and 2 in the back. You will have to slide the seat up and back to get to the bolts.


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how do you remove the back seat in the 2003 poniac grand am

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Cherokee, no. It wasn't made after 2001. Grand Cherokee, yes.

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right to left? NO. for another jeep, same generation, yes

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Removing front power seats from my 1998 Grand Cherokee Larado proved to be rather easy. Simply move the seat all the way forward and remove the plastic coverings over the two bolts that hold the seat frame to the floorboard. Then move the seat back and remove the two bolts that hold the front of the frame in place. Disconnect the wiring harness(s) and remove the entire seat. It's that simple. In fact, you can see the front hold-down bolt on the floor near the front left side of the seat the next time you get in your car.

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Try Grand Cherokee, they make a nice upgrade

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