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the part under the dash you can see has screws al the way around it. take off all the screws and the bottom of the unit comes off. then you will see the core up in it. you'll be on you back most of the time in the passenger's seat. good luck!

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โˆ™ 2015-07-15 20:06:15
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Q: How do you remove the heater coil from under the dashboard on a 1993 Chevy C1500 pickup?
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How do you replace the heater core on a 1991 C1500 Chevy pickup and does the Dash have to be completely removed?

You do not need to completely remove the dashboard in order to change the heater core. Remove the water hoses from the heater core. Remove the heater core retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new heater core.

What is the difference between C1500 and C20 pickup?

a C1500 is a half-ton pickup, a C20 was a 3/4 ton. Chevrolet half ton trucks used to be called C10s.

What is the bolt pattern of a 1988 Chevy c1500 pickup?


What is coolant capacity of 1993 gmc c1500 pickup?

11 Quarts

Where is inertia switch for 1994 c1500 pickup?

Gm does not use inertia switches.

How do you replace the wiper motor on a 1997 Chevrolet C1500 pickup?

Remove the wiring harness from the wiper motor. Remove the wiper arm linkage. Remove the wiper motor retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new wiper motor.

Where is the blower motor on a 91 Chevy C1500 pickup?

under the dash on the passenger side.

Is the odometer on a 1985 Chevy C1500 pickup 5 dial or 6 dial?


What is the speed limiter set on in a c1500 pickup?

It's part of the electronic engine controls.

Will the rear end from a 1994 g20 van fit a 1990 c1500 pickup?


How do you change a water pump on a 1995 Chevrolet C1500 pickup truck?

Follow Link Below ..

What is the spark plug gap on a 1996 Chevy C1500 Pickup with a 305 V8 engine?

The recommended spark plug gap on a 1996 Chevy C1500 with a V8-305 engine is .060"

How do you change headlight on 1991 Chevy c1500?

You remove grill to remove and replace the headlights.

Why wont a1997 Chevrolet c1500 pickup start?

First thing that comes to mind, fuel pump.

Where is the fuel filter on your 1997 Chevy C1500 pickup?

Probly under the drivers door on the inside of the frame.

Where is the oxygen sensor located on a 1993 Chevy c1500 pickup?

off the driver side exhuast manifold

Is there an aftermarket radio available to fit in the current radio space of a 1989 C1500 Chevy pickup?


What is the maximum speed on a 1995 Chevy C1500 5.7L pickup truck?

My 1996 is governed at 100 on the dot.

How do you change the transmission mount on a Chevrolet C1500 pickup?

Remove nut holding the trans mount to the crossmember jack trans up off of the crossmember then hand wrench bolts out of trans and reverse process.

Where is the fuel pressure regulator on a 97 Chevy C1500 pickup?

It is inside the upper intake manifold. To get to it you must remove the throttle body, upper intake manifold, and several electrical lines and fuel lines.

How do you change out heater core on 1992 C1500 pick up?

You'll need to pull much of the air shroud under the dashboard. Once you expose the heater core you'll need to disconnect it from under the hood. There are a few studs near the heater hose connections that hold the core in place. Pull them only after you've removed enough of the air shroud to get the core out.

How do you remove front bumper and brackets on a 1998 Chevy C1500 pickup?

it is just a bunch of bolts very easy climb under there i think there all either 10mm or 3/8 then it comes right off

1996 Chevrolet c1500 pickup truck bolt torque specifications for 5.0L intake manifold?

1996 chevy c1500 pick up 305 motor bolt torque spec intake manifold

In a 1992 Chevy c1500 pickup when should you use automatic overdrive?

When you will be sustaining a speed of over 45 mph

How do you replce oxygen sensor on 1993 c1500?

for a 93 Chevy c1500 pickup they are fairly simple they are just screwed into the exhaust pipe u can easily just go to a autozone rent a oxygen sensor removal tool looks like a socket but has a cut down the side and use that to remove it maybe even a right size wrench