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How do you remove the ignition key lock and tumblers of a 1992 Nissan Sentra?


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2015-07-15 20:54:32
2015-07-15 20:54:32

You need to go to a car parts store, and get a repair manual for your car. They cost about $16.00 Or, go to a Public Library.

Take off the plastic shrouds around the steering column, take off the electrical part of the ignition, back of the tumbler, normally held by one screw. Now comes the fun part, you have to remove the housing containing the ignition tumbler from the column. It's held by 2 security screws that you would have to tap off or get a tool to take them off.

Once the housing is off, you have to drill the 2 pins that hold the ignition tumbler. Drill next to them with a 1\8" drill bit and pry them out. To install, just reverse the procedure.


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