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How do you remove the plastic engine cover on a 2002 Toyota Sienna?


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2011-09-12 20:32:58

there are 3 5mm Allen nuts in the front. these are easy. the weird part is the back. there is a Toyota symbol in the back center. twist it counterclockwise till the shield is released.

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Remove the battery head(+v) for a while, then replace it and star the engine.

The easiest way to reset the 2001 Toyota check engine light is to remove the check engine light fuse. The fuse can be found in the fuse box.

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pull a little harder than you did last time on my Toyota sienna 2001 it just slowly popped out so don't worry worst you can break is a couple plastic clips that you can buy almost anywhere just man up and pull a little....

The passenger side mirror on a 2001 Toyota Sienna is mounted by screws. To replace the mirror remove the mounting screws and unplug the wire clip.

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pull a little harder than you did last time...on my Toyota sienna 2001 it just slowly popped out just as the driver side....soo don't worry worst you can break is a couple plastic clips that you can buy almost anywhere...just man up and pull a little....


You can either go to a mechanics shop to have the check engine light reset or you can do it manually by yourself. You will need to remove the negative battery terminal for 1 minute and then reconnect it.

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These are called quick release clamps. There is a tool made by the lisle company # 37000 to remove them however, you can remove them with your fingers. Grasp the white plastic collar and squeeze as hard as you can while pushing the clamp in towards the filter. Then just as quickly pull back on the clamp and it will release. They can be a pain.

Remove the plastic panel, remove the bolts, disconnect the wires from the back of the stereo and remove

looking at the engine it's on the left side under the plastic cover... remove the 10mm bolts to access the belt.

Disconect the - battery cable Raise and support vehicle Remove wiring at the top of starter Remove mounting bolts Remove starter

You need to remove the inside door panel, then remove the bolts that secure the mirror. It is very simple procedure.

To replace the front speakers in a Toyota Sienna the door panels must first be removed. With the door panels removed the speakers will be easily accessible and the mounting screws can be loosen. Unplug the speakers and remove them. Install the new speakers.

Which door handle? Though, I think they are all similar in that you must remove the plastic interior on the inside of the door first to get access to the inside of the door. You then unbolt the trim panel to remove it. I just replaced the rear handle on the Sienna and I know the rear works that way for certain. Removed the interior plastic panel (first had to unscrew and remove the two handles on the inside of the rear door, then the entire plastic panel just pulled right off). There were 3 bolts holding the exterior handle trim piece to the Sienna. Unbolted those and the trim popped off. Took me about 15 minutes to take the door apart, replace the handle and put all the pieces back together.

remove the glove box by taking out the screws facing you. then pull it down

Remove wheelsRemove caliper mounting boltsSlide caliper off rotorRotor should slide off hub assembly

You remove the large plastic engine cover from the top of the engine (remove the three plastic caps, then loosen the three 10mm nuts). It's right on the front top of the engine under a plastic cap about 3" in diameter.

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