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ok.. the thermostat is fairly easy. things that should be considered. first, the location of the thermostat. second, condition of the area around the thermostat. thirdly, the condition of the bolts holding the thermostat body. if you look carfully under the hood, you will notice that there are two different hoses groing form the radiator to the engine. in order for you to see and and be able to change the thermstat you need to put the car on the jack (use of jack stands is recommended, DONT LEAVE THE CAR ON THE JACK ITSELF) from the driver side (is best place). its better not to put it on the side, on the panel, but better to put it no the frame of the car. lie down and follow the bottom hose from the radiator to engine and you will see the thermostat shell. it held by two bolts about 1 and 1/2 long. obsereve the condidion of these bolts. if they appear to be rusted, use WD-40 from the top. if you use you finger you can feel that the bolts on the other end. try as much as possible to get a sufficient amount of WD-40 on those two locations. wait a few minutes then using a rachet and #10 (Japanese cars usually use the metric system, mostly on Subaru the bolts are size 10) and apply constant force. DO NOT APPLY EXCESSIVE FORCE BECAUSE IT MAY BREAK THE BOLTS. when applying force you can feel if the botl is opening. REMEMBER, ALWAYS PERFORM RADIATOR REPAIRS WHEN THE SYSTEM IS COLD. once the bolts are out, drain what ever comes out from the hose (NOTE: you do not have to drain everything, only whatever comes out by it self). and also the antifreeze will come out from the small valve on the thermostat. let that drain completely. when that's done remove the thermostat and replace accordingly. if the bolts seem to have rust, clean them with a sand paper and apply some grease before re installing them. NOW, THIS REQUIRES SOME KNOWLEDGE OF CAR MECHANICS. IF BOLTS SEEM TO BE TOO TIGHT, I SUGGEST TAKE IT TO A PRFESSIONAL, IT CAN PREVENT ANY ACCIDENTS WITHE BOLTS. IF THE BOLTS BREAK, YOU WILL HAVE A SERIOUS TROUBLE AT HAND. IF ANY OF THIS SEEMS DIFFICULT, DO NOT DO IT. THIS IS YOUR CARS COOLING SYSTEM, IT IS VERY CRITICAL TO FUNCTION OF YOUR CAR. JUST BE CAREFULL.

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Q: How do you remove the thermostat in a 91 Subaru Legacy?
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What cars bolt pattern is 14 5x100?

subaru 91-legacy

Where is the speed sensor on a 91 subaru legacy?

In a 1991 Subaru Legacy, the speed sensors can be found on the driver's side of the transmission. They are located towards the rear, and there are three of them.

How do you get the timing specs for a '91 Subaru Legacy 2.2 eng?

A repair manual

Will a 91 Subaru legacy auto transmission fit in a 90 Subaru legacy?

the 1989 through 1993 subarus were one series. should bolt on so long as the engine is the same model.

Where is the thermostat and water pump located on a '91 Subaru Legacy?

Crawl under your car on the front drivers side. Follow the lower radiator hose from the radiator to the motor. The thing that the hose is clamped to is the thermostat housing. The thermostat housing bolts to the bottom of the water pump. The water pump is driven by the timing belt.

How do you replace the thermostat on a 91 Acura Legend coupe?

The way to replace the thermostat on a 91 Acura Legend Coupe is to drain the radiator and remove the throttle and cable box. Remove the top of the radiator hose and the bolts. The thermostat will be inside.

Where is the fuse for a 91 Subaru Legacy horn and cruise control?

look on the drivers side kick panel

Where is PCV valve on 91 subaru legacy?

it is screwed in to the intake maifold on the air box side of the engine

Crank bolt on 91 Subaru Legacy is it reverse threaded?

No! you should use a chain wrench to hold the pulley from turning,lefty loosy, righty tighty!

Where is the signal relay on a 91 subaru legacy wagon?

with all the other relays in the fuse/relay box in the engine compartment in front of the left wheel well.

What causes a 91 subaru impreza to overheat?

A 1991 Subaru Impreza might overheat because of a leaking cooling system or because of a damaged thermostat. You might also have a damaged or leaking radiator or a cooling fan that is not working.

How do you replace the thermostat located on a 1991 Chevy Cavalier?

To replace the thermostat on a 91 Cavalier you need to drain the radiator. Remove the top radiator hose and water inlet. Remove the thermostat from under the inlet. Install the new thermostat and reinstall the inlet and hose. Fill the radiator with fresh antifreeze.

Where is the radiator bleeder 91 subaru legacy?

On the top left hand side of the radiator there is a square screw-in plug with a Philips head. Take it out while filling the radiator to let the trapped air out.

How do you change thermostat on 1991 Buick Century?

Drain the radiator. Remove the 91 Centurys top radiator hose. Unbolt and remove the top water inlet on the engine. Pull the thermostat from under the housing. Install the thermostat, a new gasket, and reinstall the inlet and top hose before filling the system with new coolant.

How do you replace a broken key in a 91 subaru ignition?

To replace a broken key in a 91 Subaru ignition, you will need to contact a locksmith. The locksmith can cut a key to match your ignition.

How do you replace thermostat on 1991 ford escort?

Replace thermostat on 91 ford eacort

What has to removed to get to the themaostat in a 91 dodge spirit?

if a 4 cylinder ,locate thermostat housing, remove 2 nuts holding coil on, then remove 2 bolts holding housing on, t-stat is in housing

What is legacy from new boyz birthday?


Can you put front seats from a 1992 non-turbo Subaru Legacy L front-wheel-drive wagon in a 1997 Legacy non-turbo all-wheel-drive wagon?

Yes you can ,I have done it only the other direction(98 to a 91). You will have to switch seat tracks to accomadate seat belt buckle.

Where is the the thermostat located on a 91 geo prizm in the top radiator hose or under the distrubter cap thank you?

under dist. in lower hose must remove housing

Can a 91 Nissan Maxima run without a thermostat?


Is there a fuel relay on a 1993 Subaru loyale?

in my 91 it is under the steering column

How do you locate the thermostat in a 91 skylark?

Where the upper radiator hose connects to the engine, you will find the thermostat housing. The thermostat is located under this housing. Usually is domed shaped.

What oil should you use for your 91 subaru legacy?

If you cannot refer to your manual, its safe to go with 10-30 viscosity in the summer months. For oil brands, you get what you pay for. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the SAE rating. This will tell you about detergents ( if it has any) in the oil.

Do you need a thermostat gasket or just a housing ring when changing thermostat for 91 acura legend?

You should use a thermostat gasket along with the thermostat housing ring. The gasket should be replaced every time the thermostat housing is opened.

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