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How do you remove the water pump and clutch fan on a 1986 F150 4.9 cylinder without bending the radiator?


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2015-07-15 19:51:43
2015-07-15 19:51:43

You have to take the rad right out and you'll have a lot more room.


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You bleed the clutch at the slave cylinder located near the transmission close to the radiator up front.

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There are two normal causes. The clutch is worn out or there is a leak in the hydraulic clutch slave or master cylinder. To check the clutch, press the clutch slave cylinder down. If the clutch slave cylinder bellows compresses down to the slave cylinder, the clutch is worn out. Check the clutch master cylinder fluid level. if this is low, then the clutch cylinder need to be checked. To check for a hydraulic leak in the clutch slave cylinder, remove the cylinder's bellows and check for any fluid. If fluid is present, rebuild or replace the cylinder and bleed the system. To check the clutch master cylinder, check the back the of clutch master cylinder for leaks. If fluid is present, replace or rebuild clutch master cylinder and bleed the system. In my experience, hydraulic leaks occur at the clutch slave cylinder.

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I would suspect a weak clutch slave cylinder or clutch master cylinder which may be preventing the clutch from disengaging fully; The slave cylinder is connected hydraulically to the clutch master cylinder. The clutch master is where you add fluid.

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At least the slave cylinder. The clutch master cylinder can be replaced at any time.

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The clutch pedal assembly has a clutch rod that pushes in on a clutch master cylinder. There is a hydro line that goes from the master cylinder to the slave cylinder.

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