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How do you repair a door that will not latch shut?

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buy a new one

ANS 2 - You can always adjust the strike plate OR the latch so they meet properly.

2012-09-08 16:32:55
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How do you repair rear door latch on a ford e350 van?

How to repair the rear door latches on my e 350 van. The bottom latch will not hold . How do I get the latch to hold Thanks

How do you get door to shut on explorer when latch is messed up?

install a new latch

How do you repair the driver side door latch?

what is wrong with the door latch? will it not open/latch? what year is the vehicle? all of these are needed to answer your question.

How do you repair Chevy Express 2000 rear van door latch?

left door latch is broke

How do i fix a 1994 gmc suburban door latch that's stuck and the door won't shut?

Remove door panel and replace latch mechanism

Why wont the car door shut?

sounds like a bad door latch mechanism.

My car door shuts tight but won't latch I have checked the throw and it 's down when i shut the door but doen't latch the door shut you can pull it open without using the handle?

Get a new car you loser.

Door won t shut?

sunfire drivers door latch won t work

How can you fix a car door on a 1993 Dodge Caravan that will not shut?

On many vans/cars I have seen the latch on the door itself sometimes get tumbled into the shut position on accident. In most cases all you need is a screw driver to put into the latch hole on the door itself while pulling on the door handle simply flip the latch back open. If this is not the case please clarify your question. The door jam has a male stiker the door latch is female or should be open to allow the striker to go inside it once the door is shut the latch wraps around the striker.

How do you repair drivers door latch mechanism on 98 GMC extended cab pick up?

How do you repair drivers side door latch mechanism on 98 GMC extended cab pickup?

My Chevy cavalier door all of a sudden wont shut what should I do?

Just going by the question...I would say that the latch has gotten in "the closed door position". Be sure that the door is unlocked. With your finger lift out on the latch on the end of the door and use the door handle to "open" the door latch.

How can you repair a faulty door sensor in a 2002 Neon?

Door sensors are at the door latch. The sensor is actually a mechanical switch. This switch rides on a cam lobe that activates the switch on & off. The switch is very sensitive and if there is any kind of wear in the lobe of the cam can indicate door open even if it is shut. The only way to repair or fix the issue is open the door latch from the door and replace the latch assembly or build up the wear area. I used a kapton tape to build up the wear area and it fix the problem. Do not over build the area.

How do you fix inside driver's side door latch on a Chrysler 300m?

To fix the 300m latch, you will need to remove the inner door panel. After the door panel has been removed, then you can check the door latch components to determine what has broken and how to best repair it.

How do you fix a jammed door that won't shut?

Often the latch has been closed and the door won't catch until the latch is popped back. Use a screwdriver or other tool, make sure the door is unlocked then operate the inside door handle and open the latch lever with the screwdriver.

How do i keep my dryer door from opening during a cycle?

My husband fixed ours with a window latch, it cost 3 dollars, he put it by the door handle, the swivel part on the door and the latch part on the dryer. When you close the door you latch it shut. It has never opened again. So nice.

How can I open a car door that I shut on the seatbelt which is now jammed?

Push very hard on the door so that the latch seats completely. Then, open the door.

How to repair 1955 Chevy door which won't latch when the door is closed?

put a new latch in If the car has been setting for a while I would start by spraying some wd40 on the latch mechanism ,if that don't help try adjusting the striker and the door alignment Get the door open, pull the panel, adjust latch manually to diagnose or if replacement is needed

Why does the door ajar light stay on in a Mercury Mountaineer?

The door ajar light might stay on in a Mercury Mountaineer if a door is not shut properly. Sometimes a door will seem like it is shut, but will not be shut enough to trip the light off. Check for dirt or other debris in the door latch for all doors.

Why would a 1993 Lincoln town cars trunk not latch?

Apparantly Someone Shut the trunk Lid Too Hard And Broke the Auto Latch Assembly . They are Very easy to Break You Can Either repair it yourself Or take it to A dealer .Either way after repair you shut the lid with little or no pressure ....DONT SHUT THE LID FAST OR HARD.....

How do you shut off the rear door light on a Honda 2005 CR-V?

I think it is the little black latch that tells the car the door is open. The latch is very weak, and could be jarred loose. I think it is the little black latch that tells the car the door is open. The latch is very weak, and could be jarred loose.

If a car door won't latch is it legal to drive on the street holding it shut?

of course not. You will probably be fined

Your 2001 Monte Carlo door wont shut on the drivers side?

the door striker needs adjusted along with possibly the latch mechanism.

On 1998 Monte Carlo Z34 the drivers side door wont stay shut Its not that the latch is down and needs to be flipped up the latch wont lock into place when the door shuts What can you do to fix this?

Try spraying the latch mechanism with WD-40. Work the latch a few times and then spray it again.

Front door jammed on vw golf4 how to open?

remove door card,remove door rubber and interior arch trim panel,unclip lower seat base,this should give you access to the latch mechanism on the door shut,now have someone outside of car hold door handle in open position whilst they apply pressure to door (as if pushing shut) now simply lever locking latch up with a screwdriver or similar until it is clear of the door shut lock post and in open position

Should the hinge and latch of a door should be on the same side of the door to be able to open?

They would be on opposite sides. The hinges would be the pivot point on one side and the latch would be the lock assembly to hold the door shut on the opposite side.