How do you replace Saturn SL2 sunroof drive motor?

The complete headliner must be removed to gain access to the motor.All interior trim around the headliner must be removed including the dome light. Push the front seats back and recline them to allow the headliner to come out the front door. BE CAREFUL not to bend the headliner because it cannot be repaired if cracked. Motor replacement can be done after the headliner is out. WARNING : This is not a job for most amateurs. You may want to see your dealer before attempting this job. Good Luck. Just replaced my motor on a 99 sc2. took all of 20 min!!!! three bolts and two electical connectors. easy going in and easy coming out. lithium white grease ($3.29 from auto zone) on the tracks and it works like a champ. Simply remove the visors, center lights and sunroof switch cover and center dome light. the headliner simply snaps down minus the velcro! Didnt even take the headliner completely off, just the front. Dont have to be a genius just careful with the headliner.