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The complete headliner must be removed to gain access to the motor.All interior trim around the headliner must be removed including the dome light. Push the front seats back and recline them to allow the headliner to come out the front door. BE CAREFUL not to bend the headliner because it cannot be repaired if cracked. Motor replacement can be done after the headliner is out. WARNING : This is not a job for most amateurs. You may want to see your dealer before attempting this job. Good Luck. Just replaced my motor on a 99 sc2. took all of 20 min!!!! three bolts and two electical connectors. easy going in and easy coming out. lithium white grease ($3.29 from auto zone) on the tracks and it works like a champ. Simply remove the visors, center lights and sunroof switch cover and center dome light. the headliner simply snaps down minus the velcro! Didnt even take the headliner completely off, just the front. Dont have to be a genius just careful with the headliner.

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Q: How do you replace Saturn SL2 sunroof drive motor?
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How do you check to see if you need to replace the sunroof motor?

My brother works for a Saturn dealership. He said if the fuses are good and the sunroof won't do anything it is the sunroof motor. If it moves a little bit it's either the cable or the rails. That's what the techs at the dealership told him.

Where is the sunroof motor on a Saturn sc 2?

The sunroof motor is in the headliner, above the motor switch You have to remove the sunvisors and pull down the headliner to see it

How do you fix the sunroof motor of a 98 Saturn SC2?

the sunroof motor is simple to replace, but may be time consuming. you first have to remove the headliner. take all the trim holding the headliner off to bring the liner down. once you are inside the headliner, remove the two screws holding the sunroof control assembly. Disconnect the wireing harness from the motor. 3 screws hold the motor in place. Before removing the motor, make sure the sunroof is closed and sealed shut. the motor is timed to the position of the sunroof. Do not turn the motor gear under any circumstance. once the motor is out, inspect the drive cables for any visible wear. Installation of a new motor is just the opposite of removal. the new motor should come pre-timed to the "Closed" position.

How do you replace sunroof motor on 2001 Mitsubishi eclipse?

Howdo i put a sunroof motor in on a 2001 eclipse

Will a sunroof motor out of a 97 Saturn. Fit in a 98 Saturn SL2?

It appears so, since The Sunroof Doctor has a replacement motor that will fit 1996- 2002 SL models Sunroof Motor 1997-2002 Saturn SC (2 & 3 Door) 1996-2002 Saturn SL (4 Door) Special! New replacement motor available at this price until our stock is gone. You reuse your original connector or hard wire to your harness $81.55

Is there a manual closer on the sunroof mine is stuck open?

i worked at a Saturn dealership for a year in the parts dept and the only way to close the sunroof manually is to use the gear the motor drives. i can't remember but some or the sunroofs were direct drive som using the gear may not be an option.

How do you replace a sunroof motor on 91 Civic SI?

Take it to an automotive trim shop, It is about impossible to work on a sunroof and not make it leak

How do you install a 95 contour sunroof motor?

Connect the sunroof motor with the sunroof motor retaining bolts. Connect the sunroof linkage. Connect the wiring harness to the back of the sunroof motor.

How do you replace a sunroof motor in a BMW?

With your feet and the biggest tool box available! :)

What is the problem with a automatic sunroof not opening as well as the cigarette lighter not heating in a 1993 Saturn SL1?

check your fuses check the motor on the sunroof, mine was doing the same. So I pushed the wires going into the motor in the direction from the windshield to the back of the car and it works. Bad connection were wires go into the motor that works the sunroof back and forth.

How can you get 1995 Pontiac Grand Prix GT sunroof to closed Stuck?

Had the same thing happen to me .. you have to remove the motor. take all visors off and get to the motor carefully and unplug , the hydralics in the sunroof will release sunroof and close. This is a dealer part . Replace the same way. Good Luck !

Your 1996 Saturn sl2 sunroof is not working correctlythe left side of the sunroof works when the open and close button is press and not the right side why is that?

Motor is not turning both arms. See for more info

How do you replace a sunroof motor?

It is a doable DIY job. You might have a look at this tutorial;

How do you know if you need to replace the sunroof motor on a 1997 vw golf cl?

When it doesn't work any more.

Is the sunroof in a 2002 Saturn sl1 cable operated?

yes and they all have problems. its not the motor, or cables. its the plastic track where the cable attatch to that crack and fail.

How can you close a stuck open sunroof on a 2000 Chevrolet Impala LS?

First, find the motor for the sunroof. There will be a manual override on or around the motor that you can turn to close the stuck sunroof.

Cost to replace motor mount 2000 Saturn SL2?

The cost to replace the motor mounts on a 2000 Saturn SL2 ranges from $500 to $1,000. The high costs are due to the labor intensive process of disconnecting and raising the engine assembly.

How do you fix the sunroof of a 1994 VW golf?

Sunroof repair for a 1994 VW Golf depends on what the problem is. If the sunroof wont open or close, check the fuse, wiring, switch, and motor. If it has a leak, then look for the exact place of the leak to find the cause and replace the gasket.

How do you replace a blower motor on a 2001 Saturn SL1?

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How to fix a sunroof motor?

If your question is how to replace the motor, I'd go to for the basic procedure with diagrams. If the motor has gone bad and you want to repair it, you'll find parts hard to find unless you know an electric motor repairman.

Where is the power sunroof motor located on a 1994 Chrysler LHS?

Where is the power sunroof motor located on a 1994 Chrysler LHS

How can you close your PT Cruiser sunroof manually?

To close the sunroof on a PT Cruiser, you have to use an allen wrench or socket to turn the motor manually. The motor might be located at the front of your sunroof.

Where is the sunroof motor located for a 1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme?

under the sunroof contole panel in front of the sunroof

200 Saturn ls2 with windshield wiper motor out of sync how do you fix this?

you have a flat spot on your motor. replace it. itl cost about $60

How do you replace sunroof cable Mercedes 450sel?

Remove the Sunroof inner cover by prying down the front. This will expose the underside of the sunroof. Remove the keeper from the shaft in the center front. This is the end of the cable. Activate the sunroof motor and the cable will be forced out the front. There is about 12 inches of solid shaft then the cable begins. It is messy! ! ! . When the cable stops moving out, pull it out with your hands. To install a new cable, grease it, slide the end down the tube until it stops, then press the motor switch and draw the cable into the feeder tube to a length appropriate to match up with the position of the sunroof cable mounting bracket, insert the cable and replace the locking pin.