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It's very simple but a little hard getting it back in place because of the belt. It will take two people. You can use a socket wrench if it is not in too tight, otherwise you'll need an impact socket wrench. First remove the small bolt on top (it will have an obvious cover that is easily removed.) Then lossen the bolt right in front that is attached to a brace. There is also a pin-like bolt on the side of the alternator towards the top (right by the belt). There may be another bolt on the right side, but I don't recall. Finish removing the front bolt and then work the pin in back out. Once the pin is out you may have to tug a bit to get the alternator out because it's usually in pretty tight. That's it. When you are ready to replace it, you will need to loop the belt back over the pulley and make sure it is lined up on the two pulleys below. You will need someone to push the alternator up to keep it in place while you put the bolts back in. This is difficult because the belt is tight (or should be!). We used an old axe handle underneath to get the leverage needed. Be sure you don't let the handle or other leverage tool rest on your radiator or you might cause damage. It shouldn't take more than 15 minutes to take out and about that to put back in.

  • To replace the alternator:

-disconnect negative battery cable; -unplug 3 wire connection on the back side of unit; -carefully pop up plastic cover on the B terminal, remove nut using 10 mm wrench, and lift ring connector from the stud; -break loose pivot bolt using 14 mm socket and flex-bar; -loosen tensioning bracket bolt 14 mm; -loosen 12 mm locking bolt(horizontal one); -remove 12 mm tensioner bot(vertical, long one); -push alternator down and slip belt off its pulley ; _completely remove pivot and locking bolts; pull alternator out of mounting bracket, if necessary,gently pry between bracket and alternator. Installation is in reverse order. Use tensioner bolt to adjust drive belt tension.Torque other bolts to 18 lb*ft

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Q: How do you replace the alternator on a 1989 Toyota Camry?
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