How do you replace the alternator on a 1992 Chevy Lumina 3.4L Z34 V6?

1. Disconnect the battery.

2. Remove the serpentine belt, by lifting up on the tensioner with a 1/2" breaker bar.

3. Remove the wiring from the alternator.

4. Remove the 2 bolts, and possibly one bracket that attaches the alternator to the engine.

5. Remove alternator, if it hasn't already fallen off.

Replace following directions backwards. The serpentine belt will be the hardest object to put up with on this job. Be careful to get it back on correctly.

I hope you are not a religious person because you are going to be doing some cussing.You need to do exactly what the 1st. guy said except more. On that vehical with the v6 you will have to pull the half shaft to remove the alt.Good luck with it,I have done 10 or 15 of them and they arnt any fun.

The best way to do it is to support the engine and trans from underneath the hood. Then you have to remove the engine cradle, ythis involves removing all fasteners for engine mounts, diconnect ball joints, remove drivers side axle.Be careful, there is a 10 mm bolt on the drivers side of alternator. Only use a top quality alt,., also labour in a shop is about 6 hrs.....Make sure all coonections at alt are secure, be careful supporting engine and trans from under hood. ........

Ok, I literally just got done. I searched everywhere on this stupid internet and I couldn't come up with anything... SOOO.. for all of y'all trying to do this at home I will shed some light.

1) Do all the basic steps like the original guy said.

2) You DEFINITELY need 2 people

3) Your gonna wanna pull your wheel off, Brakes (calipers, brackets etc.) CV axle and all your plastic splash guards. Take your coolant reservoir out, belt and then you have a bit of room to play with.

4) You want to loosen your bottom bolt, then the top bolt is weird.. It's actually a STUD. they are all 13mm but the top one is tricky.. I tell no lies. most likely there will be a black cover holding your HI and LO power steering lines...yank it off. you get those off then you have a alternator cooling vent (on the back of it), another thing that holds the alternator in place.

5) Pull the wiring harness out of the back of the alternator, and you are most likely gonna have to wiggle it and use some brute to get it out. but I assure you it will come out.

Please remember people for your safety to unplug the NEGATIVE battery cable.. I'm sure you don't want a jolt when you take that positive wire off the back of the alternator.. I hope my post was at least a little more helpful then some of the other things you'll find online.

If you need more help you can email me or whatever, I'm sure wiki can send emails. By the way.. what everyone says about this job being difficult is 100% true. This is not an easy task by any means.