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How do you replace the blower motor in a 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue?

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2015-07-15 21:49:00
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I have Olds Intrigue 2000. Lately Blower started acting up. Stops working, an hour later it will start working again. Making shrieking / squicking sounds, speed changes

while driving. Using 5.5 mm. socket I removed the old motor. (Not very difficult.)

Wiring harness is a bit tricky to unhook. (!!!Do not touch the orange clip!!!)

Use screwdriver to push the Black Clip in.

Inside the old motor I found brushes are completely worn out. Needed new motor.

Replacement Motor:

In Riverview Florida: Napa and Pep Boys have Chinese made blower, just different stickers on them. In my case Napas had wrong connector type, Pep Boys unit had no connector at all.

Local Chevrolet parts department and Advance Auto Parts had similarly looking part

with more or less right connector type, just different stickers. Both made in Canada.


Locating the blower in a 99 intrigue

it is located on the passenger side just pull down the carpet and it is sitting right there, i believe you will need a 5/16 socket to undo the scews. I will let you know more after I have replaced mine this weekend. Good luck.

You can access the motor bushings through the drain hose hole in the side once the motor is taken out. The motor is located below the glove box behind a panel. Remove the panel (three snap fasteners), and you will see the motor. Three hex head screws hold it in. You also must disconnect the blower by pulling the connector apart. The connector is one of those snaplocks, use a screwdriver to pull down the orange clip to release the connector.

It is located under the dash behind and below the glove box. Remove the screws holding up the dress panel to expose the blower assembly. There are three small bolts holding the blower into the plenum. Disconnect the blower connector first, then remove the bolts to drop the blower out of the plenum. INstall is reverse of this.

Note - if the blower is just noisy, you may try cleaning it out with WD-40. The motor has brass bushings that squeal really loud if a little dirt gets in them. I thought I'd have to replace my squalking blower, but a little WD-40 did the trick - my original is still running fine a year later.


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