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Hey George==The switch probably is ok Check out the resistor pack on the evaporator case. GoodluckJoe

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Q: How do you replace the fan switch in a 1999 Camry if it will only run on high?
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Does the 1999 Toyota Camry have low beam and high beam light bulbs?

Camry 1999 has only on bulb for both low and high beams.

How do you change the fan switch on 1999 Mercury Cougar?

Why are you replacing the switch? If the fan works only on high speed, replace the fan resistor. There was a TSB for this.

Blower switch only works on low high 2000 Camry?

either the switch or the fan motor

How do you use overdrive in Toyota Camry 1999 automatic?

You have to use it when you are driving in mountain areas where to have high speed is not a good idea. The overdrive function does allow the transmission to switch to higher gears.

Where is the AC cycle switch located on a 1999 Ford Escort How hard is to replace?

There is actually a low-pressure switch and a high-pressure switch. The low-pressure switch is located on the right side rear of the engine compartment on top of the AC accumulator. The high switch is on the AC high pressure line in the area behind the left headlamp assembly. Niether one is hard to replace, it's self-explanatory when you see them.

Will you lose freon if you replace the ac high pressure switch?

You will definitely lose all of your Freon when you replace the high pressure switch. Once the high pressure switch is loosen the Freon will begin to access the system.

Why does your 1999 Pontiac grand am heater ac only work on high?

There is a resistor pack operated by the fan switch. It has failed. You need to replace it.

1970 Chevrolet high speed blower switch not working?

replace the switch.

How do you replace the rear deck brake light on a 1999 Camry?

To replace high mounted stoplight - 1. Remove hump on high mounted stoplight by pulling hump towards you then pull up. 2. Pull electrical cord out and pull bulb out. 3. Replace bulb 4. Replace hump by pushing it away from you then press down.

How do you replace a wiper switch in a 99 olds intrigue Wipers only work on high and work at times on other settings?

The 1999 Oldsmobile wiper switch can be located below the dashboard. The wiper relay switch simply plugs in and out.

How do i fix wipers on 2000 Toyota Camry that only works on low no intermittent or high?

There aren't any switches to check/replace i.e. wiper switch, wiper relay therefore it must be a bad motor.

1999 grand prix fan only works on high settings?

Bad ignition switch.... took me forever and lots of money to find. Replace it and the fan will be fixed.

How do you replace high mount brake light for 02 Toyota Camry?

only toyota could be this stupid and incompetent...

Replace high beam switch 1996 Subaru outback?

how to replace high/low beam, turn signal lever on 1996 subaru outback wagon

Why does your 1999 Yukon heat only work on high?

If you are referring to the blower motor only working on the high speed setting, then the problem is the blower motor Resistor Pack is defective. Replace it. It can be the blower motor speed control switch but not likely.

2004jeep wrangler blower motor high speed not working?

Replace fan switch.

Why do my headlights turn off when I turn the high beams on?

Your headlights turn off when you turn the high beams on because you have a defective switch. You need to have a mechanic replace the high beams switch. It is a simple replacement.

Why would your rear end of a 1999 Toyota Camry -cyl vibrate when you slow down quickly from a high speedabove 50?

The 1999 Camry most has either bad rear brakes, or bad rear wheel bearings. Either of these problems could cause the vibration.

Why is your Camry only blowing air when on high?

Because the air blower switcher was worn off for all the switch positions but high. It's cause by the fact that people usually don't use the high setting

My head lights of my 97 Toyota Camry lows don't work but my highs do and there are no fuse blown?

Your High/Low switch is bad and needs to be replaced.

1998 Chey Camaro SS headlights will not switch to low beam it is stuck in high beam mode?

you will probably have to replace the headlight switch.

2001 echo heater fan only has high speed is it the motor or switch?

It is the resistor, replace it.

What does the multifunction switch do in 1999 Dodge Intrepid?

Turn signals, wipers, high/low beam

2005 Scion xa only has high blower speed?

It is probably a burned thermal switch. I had the same thing on my car and had to replace the thermal switch

Why does the fan switch only work on high ford van E350?

You need to replace your Blower relay,