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How do you replace the gear shift cable on a Ford Taurus - Mercury Sable?


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2011-01-18 07:45:16
2011-01-18 07:45:16

There are 2 excellent write-ups on the procedures for replacing the shifter cable, one for floor shift and column shift each, at the Taurus Car Club site.

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It would probably be cheaper to replace the cable, check with your local auto wrecker. This used part should be very inexpensive, compared to repairing it.

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The 2000 Mercury Sable starter will have three retaining bolts. There will be two cable retaining nuts on the front of the starter.

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first you need to open up the hood, take it into a body shop. they encounter this problem frequently in accidents and such. and then just replace the cable

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You don't as it does not have a cable. You replace the speed sensor instead.

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A battery terminal or a battery CABLE terminal. If the terminal is gone or destroyed on the battery, you need a new battery. If the cable terminal is terminal, you can buy an after market replacement or a complete new cable with terminal at most any auto parts store.

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