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Its held in with 4 star shaped screws... just disconnect the headlight bulbs, remove the screws and install the same way that you took that out with.

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Q: How do you replace the headlight assembly located on a 1991 Plymouth Acclaim?
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Where is the inertia switch located in a 1991 Plymouth Acclaim?

Plymouth does not use inertia/reset switches

Where is the 92 Plymouth Acclaim speed sensor?

It is located on the backside of the engine/transmssion assembly against the firewall. It is screwed into the diff houing and is easier to get to from beneath the car.

How do you replace the headlight assembly located on a 1994 Ford Ranger?

detach the bulbs and remove the clips behind the headlight assembly

Where is the horn on a 2002 Dodge neon located?

it is behind the passenger side headlight assembly. you will have to remove the headlight assembly to replace it.

Where is the serpentine belt tensioner located on a 1993 Plymouth acclaim?

Just below alternator.

Where is the water pump located on a 1990 Plymouth Acclaim?

It is under the timing cover on a 3.0L

Where is the thermostat located on a 1994 Plymouth acclaim?

Follow the upper radiator hose to its end. The thermostat is located right about there.

Where is the heater coil located on a 1994 Plymouth acclaim?

Usually behind the glove box area

Where is the Fuel injector pressure regulator for 1992 Plymouth acclaim located?

Under the flux capacitor

Where is the fuel pump located on 1991 Plymouth Acclaim 6cyl?

your fuel pump is located in the top rear of the fuel tank

How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 1993 Ford F-150?

Look to the back of the headlight assembly. There will be a round sleeve where the wiring goes into the headlight. Twist this counterclockwise to turn the head light bulb assembly. Pull back on the assembly to remove it from the headlight casing. Replace with new headlight bulb.

How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 2000 Nissan Altima?

go to back of headlight assembly and twist it out.

How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 2003 Chevy S 10?

Open the hood, remove the two locks that hold the headlight assembly in place, with the two locks removed you can wiggle the headlight assembly out and gain access to the back side of the assembly to remove and replace the headlight bulb.

How do you replace the headlight assembly located on a 1994 Pontiac Bonneville?

There is 2 large plastic screws that hold the headlight assembly`s in. Simply unscrew them and lift the headlight assemblies out then unhook take the bulbs out.

Where is the oxygen sensor located on a 1994 Plymouth Acclaim?

the oxygen sensor in located in the exhaust manifold under the intake manifold at the back of the engine

Where is the horn on a 2001 Malibu?

it is located on passengers side just below the headlight. to remove headlight assembly. just pull up on the 2 plastic slide pins on top of headlight assembly. good-day !

Does a 1991 Plymouth Acclaim have a transmission filter?

Yes, the automatic transmission filter is located inside the transmission pan.

Where is The fuel filter located for 1989 Plymouth acclaim 2.5L?

The fuel filter is on a front corner of the fuel tank.

Where is 89 Plymouth acclaim where is the starter located at?

starter on 2.5 4cyl is located on back side of motor by drivers compartment easyest to get to from under car.

How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 2000 Chevy Venture?

Hi, You have to remove the entire headlight assembly to get to the bulb, which is located in the back of the assembly. There are three wing nuts that hold the assembly in, and those will have to be removed. Then remove the side signal assembly first, then the headlight assembly. I have provided a link that shows exactly how this is done and where these wing nuts are. Good Luck

Where is the headlight socket located on a 1996 cavalier?

It is at the rear of the headlamp assembly where the wires are.

How do you remove the headlight assembly located on a 1998 Cadillac cts?

There is no 1998 CTS

Where is the turn signal flasher located in a 1994 Plymouth Acclaim?

On your 1994 PLYMOUTH ACCLAIM, the FLASHER is: FRONT SEATING AREA, PASSENGER SIDE, UNDER DASH, MOUNTED BEHIND GLOVE COMPARTMENT You can find this stuff free at, repair info, component location.

Where do the headlight deflectors go on Honda CR-V?

The headlight deflectors are located in the headlight assembly. They can be difficult to remove and replace, because you have to feel your way around in the beginning.

How do you replace the front turn signal bulb located on a 1999 Chevy Blazer S-10?

Remove the headlight assembly above the faulty signal bulb. This will give you access to the signal bulb socket. To remove the headlight assembly, open the hood, stand in front of the headlight assembly, notice two black tabs sticking up behind the headlight assembly inside the radiator support. Pull up and wiggle the tabs to remove them, this will release the headlight assembly. You can now wiggle the headlight assembly out to gain access to the signal bulb socket for replacement.

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