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How do you replace the headlight bulb located on a 1997 Honda Accord EX?


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I am assuming this headlight is on the passenger side. I own a 96 Accord which is the same as a 97. the right headlight (low beam) is located in front the intake ( a black plastic part) which is right next to your battery. To change the low-beam head light bulb, remove the intake plastic cover (it is actually a tube), then remove the bad bulb by disconnecting the 9006 connector and twist the holder. After replacing the bulb, twist the holder back and reconnect the 9006 connector, install the intake cover and you are done. It is recommended to change both bulbs at the same time, however this is not required.

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The directions are above are great. except when twisting the holder it may stick. I found that taking a screwdriver and placing it on the little protruding black plastic piece and hitting it gently with a hammer will loosen the holder up. When looking at the holder from the front of the car it will turn to your right.

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This was extremely helpful. I also had to tap the connector with hammer and screwdriver to remove it from the 9006 bulb connector wire. The rotating lock washer will not rotate the unlocked position while the connector is still on the 9006 bulb. Thank You.

Thanks to all ! These answers worked for me, I have a 96 Accord EX with a passenger side lamp out, I follow these suggestions and it was changed with in minutes with a little elbow grease. The hammer and screw driver suggestion was invaluble. Thanks again all !!!

This worked quite well for me. One thing to note: the 9006 lamp (bulb) itself won't turn, but the larger, dark gray locking ring does turn to release it. In other words, the connector for the bulb is initially pointing downward toward the ground, and it will remain that way after you turn the locking ring a quarter turn or less.

One answer above, the user talked about using a screwdriver to gently tap off the connector, while other users were talking about tapping off the lock ring. Works for both as I just did it for both. Also, if not sure which way the lock ring rotates, take a gander at it. There is a white or gray tab that sticks up in a curved slot. When the ring is in the locked position, the tab will be at one end of this curved slot that travels around it. Lastly, this lock ring doesn't come off to remove bulb, it simply rotates to the unlocked position, then the bulb will come right out. Easy job.

I signed up for this just to say thank to everyone for this info. The manual doesn't explain that you have to tap the circular locking mechanism with flat head and hammer. I spent 20 minutes trying to muscle the bulb to turn. You gotta love the Internet. :)


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