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don't work too hard you can do this by taking ONLY the main mounting bolts for the dash til the dash is "loose" (screws on top by the windshield both sides and some in the center bottom and undo the mounting bolts for the heater box (under the hood studs that come through the fire wall)heater door cables and wiring (don't forget the vaccume line that feeds it through the firewall) and pull it out from under the dash swap the core and slide it back under the dash it only takes a few hours and the dash never leaves the truck email for details

Unfortunately, I cannot give a definite answer. However, what I can tell you is it is a very detailed job that would probably take you a weekend to do. I just had mine replaced at the beginning of Feb. it cost me $1100.00. If your replacing the heater core it is best to go ahead and replace the A/C evaporator as well. As my mechanic explained it to me to get to the heater core requires removal of the dash as everything is back in behind it. If your pretty mechanically inclined and have all the right tools I would say to go ahead and do it yourself as it will only cost about $300-400 for the parts. Unfortunately, it is the labor that sucks. I called 3 different mechanics and 2 Dodge dealers and they all quoted me the same price within about $20 of each other. I can tell you this though, it made a world of difference in the heat in my truck (cooks me out on full heat), and my A/C works great, but not right time of year to use it. a little.

To remove the heater core on this vehicle you have to remove the steering column and then the dash itself. The a/c system will have to be recovered and the engine coolant drained and the airbag system must be disabled and the battery will have to be disconnected. This is not a job for the average backyard mechanic. I would not recommend doing this operation unless you have the knowledge and the proper tooling and experience. Otherwise after you have removed the dash you will have to remove the heating and cooling unit from the vehicle and split the case by removing the screws that hold it together. Then you can remove the heater core.

Its not easy, but you got to take off the whole dash, I just pulled it out as far as I could so I didn't have to take it completely out, but you have to take out all the bolts like you were going to, then disconnect the heater core hoses under the hood, then your ac hoses, which are real fun to take off, you have to go get a coupling tool. Then there is 2 bolts on the inside of the cab to the blower box, and like 4 or five more under the hood on the firewall, you have to take off the ac condenser(I think that's what it is, you'll see it, it goes right to the lines for the ac) and there's another one right behind the brainbox(computer box) which took me forever to find. then you pull the whole heater blower box back as far as you need it and pull out the heater core, slide the new one in, connect and all that in reverse, have fun.......

take it to a shop i just got done doig one and it isn't right it needs to be done in a shop by a mechanic

Heater Core remove/replace in dodge 1500 truck 1995-01. I can pull it in 3.5 hours. putting it back takes about 2 hours, plus charging the AC, about one more hour more. Having a friend around really helps. Disconnect the battery before attempting any work to avoid a short.

1)Remove first screw on plastic door sill on both sides. (the things on top of rug where door closes)Remove kick panels.

2)Remove panel under steering wheel.

3)Remove two nuts holding up steering wheel.

4)Remove screws where windshield meets dash board.

5)Remove 2 bolts left and right under dash but against sides of car (under kick panels).

5a) There is a square box in the center of the dash by the floor. Take it off and take those nuts off. And disconnect the wire harness and the get the panel loose and down out of the way.

6)Dashboard is now loose and can be pulled towards the seats.

7)On right side of dash hook a wire way up to screw that holds moulding clips, or pull the dash towards the seat and put a jackstand under the passenger side.

8)The whole heater box is now visible.

9) You've got to remove vacuum lines, controls, and electric plugs from heater box.

10) Now the secret: there are 2 screws holding it to fire wall on inside (one has a ground wire attached). The other is in the upper right hand corner facing up. The easiest way to get to the bolts holding the ground wire is to take out the glove compartment and then take out the airbag.

11) there are 4 nuts holding it from engine side of firewall(one is behind the electric panel on the passanger side). Remove all four of these.

12) Remove heater hose clamps with a hose clamp plier. This will take time, these clips are hard to get off.

13) Drain the AC freon.

14)the AC lines require a special tool that costs $9-12 at parts store. the kit has 6 plastic widgets. use the one that fits. play with an AC fitting near the radiator for practice first.

15) you should be able to pull the heater box out now.

16) Remember the dashboard is just pulled up high enough on the right to get at the heater box.

17) It is a good idea to change the A/C evaporator core while doing this job. They are both in the same box.

you can shorten the whole process with a dremmel cutoff tool. cut the heater core pipes, remove the screw that holds the clamp and pull the core out. Modify the new core to suit your needs and replace and connect with hightemp heater hose. No need to mess with the A/C system or even remove the dash. just drop the steering column into the seat and let the dash tip out. Should give you just enough room to reach over the dash and cut out the old heater core. About 2 hours and $100 for the core. Done!

You do not need to remove the entire dash board.

Short answer is you got to pull the dash, then the HVAC box (contains the core). Replace the core then remember how to put it all back. I am going to try and do it without pulling the whole truck apart, today. If it works. I will tell you how it went.

The Heater core is difficult to replace on the RAM since it is buried in the plenum box. The box has a convenient door panel that you can open to remove and replace the core. The catch is that the convenient door is on the back of the box and you have to remove the heater box to get to it. This involves removing the steering wheel, steering column, complete dash panel, evacuating the AC, draining the radiator, and finally removing the heater box. Once you have the box out(8-12hrs), the core is simple to replace.

You want to be sure that the core is the problem before you undertake this process. If there is a strong smell of antifreeze in the cab or a puddle of coolant on the passenger side floor, the diagnosis is easy.

Check that the radiator is full, not the overflow tank, the radiator. On a cold engine you can remove the radiator cap and check the level. It should be full. If there is air in the system it will affect cab heating and engine cooling.

Another good check is to feel the two heater hoses going into the firewall from a cold start. The hoses should warm up at about the same rate and get uncomfortably hot-close to radiator temperature.

If the core appears to be OK, the next concern is with the blend doors that divert air through the heater core. This is a common failure on the RAM. Check for an explanation of the operation of the system and a fix for the common problems. The RAM has four different DC servo motor controlled air flow doors that are susceptible to failure and all of these need to be checked by either observing the symptoms of failure or reading the codes. The problems are easy to fix with the HeaterTreater kits, but the OEM dealer fix requires removing the plenum box as described above. It is a costly repair if you take it back to the dealer and are not under warranty.

i have a 99 dodge ram 1500 and i think set up is the same, u have to pull the whole dash and it is on the passenger side ride beside the cup holder i i know it wasent much p.s. it is a pain in the butt to pull the dash, i didnt it and mine fell apart

Before replacing the heater core, you want to be 100% sure that this is the problem before undertaking a difficult/expensive job. If you have a puddle of coolant on the passenger side floor or smell the sweet odor of antifreeze escaping into the passenger compartment, the core is bad and needs to be replaced. If the problem is just no heat, you need to be sure the core is flowing correctly. An easy check is to feel the two radiator hoses going into the firewall from a cold start. They should warm up at about the same rate and get uncomfortably hot. It's also not a bad idea to do a radiator flush/clean for both heater efficiency and better engine cooling. Prestone makes a good diy kit that you can find at Wally World.

Is it still under warranty? If not, then you need to go to a car parts store, and get arepair manual for your car.They cost about $16.00Or, go to a Public Library.

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Q: How do you replace the heater core on a 1994 to 2001 Dodge Ram?
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