How do you replace the parking light on a Subaru Legacy mod 99?

I now assume we are talking about the front parking light. Subaru service manual recommends removing the headlight assembly and then changing the park. light. This will almost certainly render a headlight adjustment, which actually isn't all that hard (I usually just pick a flat piece of asphalt and a wall....and then get i t verified at our annual auto inspection) On a late 99 or early 00 Legacy I managed to change it without removing the headlight by loosening the shroud under the headlight and GENTLY bending it away so an arm coulod be inserted. You can then get to the park.light mounting which is located at the bottom of the headlight. It's hard, but not impossible. Prolly easiest on a ramp, but I did it on the driveway. If one has short or excessively large arms/hands this could prove to be a problem since the actual working area is a bit cramped ;-) Just don't get yourself run over while under the car. Good luck.