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How do you replace the rotors on a 1998 4x4 F150?

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i just did this.take the calipers and caliper mount bracket off.and either get a big puller or a big hammer to pound the rotor off.have fun.

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How do you replace the rotors on a 91 f150 4x4?

Who cares

How do you replace a turn signal and windshield wiper assembly on a 1998 Ford F150 4x4 4.2 LT with AC?

Take it to a Ford Dealer.

How do you replace brakes and rotors on a 1989 dodge ram 150 4x4?

Take it to the shop.

Need owners manual 1998 f150 4.6 4x4?

Try e-Bay.

How do you replace the front rotors on a 1994 Ford Explorer?

It is necessary to state whether it is a 4X4 or a 4X2

Can you tighten a serpentine belt on a 1998 V8 ford f150 4x4 and how do you do it?

the belt tensioner does it by itself.short answer no

How do i replace front brake rotors on a 2001 dodge ram 4x4?

take it to a qualified dodge mechanic

How do you replace rotors on 1997 GMC suburban 4x4?

take off brakes pull roter off.

How do you replace rotors on '97 F-250 4x4?

Get a manual on your car from the parts store and it will have pictures and everything.

How do you replace the front rotors on a 2004 Colorado 4x4?

reset engine light on 2005 Chevy Colorado 3.5 engine

1998 ford f150 5.4 liter v8 Triton 4x4 20 amp fuse is not blown for trailer stop and ampturn has no power to it?

1998 ford f150 5.4 liter v8 triton 4x4 20 amp fuse is not blown but has no power to it for the trailer stop & turn but has running lights

How do you replace the ball joints on a 1995 ford F150 4x4?

Replacing Ball joints Check Related Links Below

How do you replace rotors on 4WD Ford F350?

what year? manual or auto hubs? 2001 , crew cab, 4X4. manual hubs

How do you replace slave cylinder on 1989 ford f150 4x4?

You Must remove the trans to access the slave... on the 5 speed for sure.

How do you replace rotors on front of 1994 F250 4X4?

Jack the front end up of your 1994 Ford F2 50. Remove the tire and wheel. Remove the brake pads and assembly. Tap on the rotors until they are loose. The rotors will slide off. Reverse the process to install the new rotors.

How do you removed rotors from 1994 f150 4x4?

I had to drill a hole on the side of the old rotors. make sure the hole is out towards the front edge of the rotor. You want to have a hole that shows the line where the rotor and axle meet. Then I took a hammer and a pointed punch and they came off.

Oil gauge sensor 1997 Ford F150 4x4 8cyl?


How do you replace the cigarette lighter on a 2004 ford F150 STX 4X4?

just take the old one out, any car lighter will work

How to replace front brake rotors on a 2000 ford explorer sport 4x4?

How to Install Front Brake Pads Check Related links below.

How do you replace brake pads cylinders and rotors on a 1989 Toyota 4x4 pickup?

you have to take off the hubs and you need crazy hard to find tools

Replace ball joint on 2005 f150?

How do you get the lower ball joint out of the axcel hub assmb on a 2005 4x4 f150. the axcel appears to be in the way and the ball joint hits it when trying to remove. any help out there

Can a transmission from a 1998 4x4 Chevy truck replace a transmission in a 1999 Chevy 4x4 suburban?

Yes as long as the 99 is the OLD body style.

What size spindle socket is needed for a 91 ford f150 4x4 to removing hub wheel to replace wheel bearing?

24 mm i believe

How do you replace front wheel bearings on a F150 Ford?

first you need to state. 2or 4 wheel the year and if it is 4x4 with or with out lookout then we can help.

How do you replace an oil pump on a 1992 Ford F150 4X4?

I don't know about the 4x4, but in the 2x4, you have to lift the engine several inches to take off the oil pan. Beyond that, it's pretty straight forward. Remove the bolts, etc. and replace with the new pump.