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How do you replace the water pump on a 1993 Nissan 300zx?


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drain the coolent,disconnect the hoses, you unscrew the bolts below the timing cover and pull it out and put a new one on. shouldn't be to much bolts. not very hard.

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With filter: 3-5/8 quarts Without filter: 3-1/8 quarts Source: Nissan 300zx Service Manual


19.0 gallons for all except convertible and it's 18.2.

To change PVC valve on a 1993 Nissan 300zx, first remove the oil dip stick and remove the tension clip from the PVC valve hose. Then remove the hose and the old PVC valve. Replace with a new PVC valve.

the main hose coming off the top of the radiator were it goes int0 the engine.

Replace the timing belt and pray that you dont have bent valves.

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1994 it replaced the Nissan stanzaAnswer1993 is the correct answer. It did replace the stanza, but in 1993.

To do the job correctly, get a manual on your car from AUTOBOOKSONLINE.COM which will help on the next repair.

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take out the fan first, then u'll see the alte. on the bottom left of engin, take the bolt from the top of alte. and the aguster bolt from the bottom of it.(u'll see the belt becomes loss) there is 3 wires that u have to take out, and u done.

Have to remove the door, then remove pins and bushings

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