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in order to change water pump without taking out the engine you need to loosen the Power Steering and that will give you enough room to remove the water pump

Looks like this person above did not provide any steps or any help.

I have actually done this to my 1997 Oldsmobile LSS. After you have loosen the belt, and flushed out all the antifreeze, you'll need to remove the water pump pulley. Then unscrew the power steering pump to easily pull out the water pump. There are multiple screws that are different that will have to be taken out so be careful not to mix up and keep organized. Remember to remove any gasket pieces that are left over on the water pumps place.

After the removal process you'll have to replace the new one. Before applying, glue back the new gasket on the new water pump. (apply glue on the pumps edges, then place the gasket on top, then place another layer on the gasket). Once done, replace the pump back to its place. screw back some of the screws to support it. Now, screw the power steering pump, then screw on the remainder screws to the pump. Make sure its tight and the screws are screwed in right. You might need to replace the pumps original pulley (optional). But, I did. Before you add antifreeze, check and make sure all the hoses connected to the radiant does not have cuts or scratches, bulges, bents, and leaks (VERY IMPORTANT), if it does have all or any of those problems Replace every hose you see just to be on the safe side. Then you'll have to replace the thermostat cap with a new. (do that every time you replace the water pump). Now, screw in the pulley, and put on the belt, refill the antifreeze (check for any leaks), If there are no problems what so ever, you can finally start your car. Still check for any leaks need to check now that the car is on and running, if no problems occur. I have to tell you that you have successfully installed your new water pump.

If this has help you I greatly proud that I can assist you in any way.

Finally, the manufacturer recommends adding GM Part #3634621 Sealer with any complete coolant change. Other than this, the above is right on.

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Q: How do you replace the water pump on a 1997 Oldsmobile LSS?
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