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You must first press out the wheel studs. You then press off the hub from the rotor. Most machine shop will charge you $60.00 and in most cases you will have to buy 3-5 new wheel studs that will get damaged in the removal process

These are the steps for a 1995 k2500 4x4. 1996 models may be different.

Remove the caliper and use wire to hang it out of the way. Don't let it hang by the brake hose. The front hub is fastened to the drive spindle with a nut and washer, you must remove the nut and washer. This nut is about 1 3/8"(it's metric). On the inside of the the rotor sheild, find four 15mm bolts that hold the hub onto the brake/steering arm. Remove the hub and rotor as an assembly. Place on a hard surface with the wheel lug bolts sticking up. Use a hammer and punch to drive out the eight lug bolts being careful not to damage to threads. Install new rotor to hub in reverse order.

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Q: How do you separate the hub from the rotor on a '96 Chevy Suburban three-quarter ton 4x4?
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What is the minimum thickness a rotor can be on a 2003 Chevy suburban 1500 z71?

Thay are all different. But if you look at the back of it you will see where it's stamped into the rotor.

How do you separate the hub from the rotor on a 1978 Chevy 4x4?

REMOVE the assembly from the truck then knock the wheel astuds out then knock the hub off the rotor.

Why am I having to replace the cap and rotor so frequently on my 1998 Chevy suburban I had a new engine installed 40k miles ago 6-05 and have had to replace the cap and rotor 3 times since then.?

check coil

How do you sepArate the front brake rotor from the hub on a 1989 Toyota FOUR WHEEL DRIVE pickup?

Toyota rotor removalonce you remove hub assembly and bearings, inside the rotor the hub should be bolted to the rotor, six bolts. then separate hub/rotor.

What is the rotor direction on a 350 Chevy?


How do you remove front rotors from 1999 Chevrolet suburban?

Remove the tire and wheel from your 1999 Chevrolet Suburban. Remove the brake pads and break assembly. Tap on the rotor with a hammer or mallet. When the rotor is loose it will slide off.

How do you Change the camshaft position sensor in a 1999 Chevy Suburban?

Sensor is under the distributor cap and rotor. two small screws hold it in and it has a electrical plug pointing towards the firewall. easy job

How do you replace front rotor on 86 suburban?

Two wheel or Four wheel drive?

Does 2001 suburban have dist cap and rotor?

No, all motors that year have distributorless ignition.

What is the minimum rotor thickness 2005 Chevy Silverado?

It is stamped into the rotor. You will have to remove it to be able to read it.

Which way does the rotor turn in the distributor on a Chevy 350?

Rotor Under Cap Spins: Clockwise

Does a 1997 Chevy Vortec motor have a distributor cap points and rotor?

Cap and rotor, yes. Points, no.

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