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As far as i now, having just replaced the water pump on my 90 sunbird LE non-turbo, there are several marks to look for. The first is on the bottom pully which should be alinged with 8 on the plastic timing belt cover. Next after removing the plastic timing belt cover - no simple task as you have have to remove the alternator serpentine belt and tensioner - check that the cam shaft sprocket at the top has its notch at 12oclock which will align it with the 'v' groove in the metal timing belt cover bolted to the engine. If not remove the belt by sliding it off adjst the cam shaft sprocket as mentioned above and put the belt back on. Good luck. PS you may have to remove the passenger side front wheel and inside wheel shroud to better access the lower part of the timing and crankshaft pully. Best bet hit your local library for the Hayes or daynes autorepair manuals.

PPs sorry maybe a better manual would be Chilton's Repair Manual

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Q: How do you set the timing on a 1990 Pontiac Sunbird LE automatic non turbo 2.0?
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